J.J. Watt Tipped His Cap to Every Police Officer He Saw in NRG Stadium

J.J. Watt Tipped His Cap to Every Police Officer He Saw in NRG Stadium

Photo Courtesy: YouTube

J.J. Watt has done an incredible job raising money for Hurricane Harvey relief in Houston over the last couple weeks.

The latest total is over $30 million.

He was the last person introduced before today’s Texans – Jaguars game at NRG Stadium. It was an incredible scene with a wild crowd but what the crowd didn’t see was Watt literally tipping his cap to every police officer he saw in the stadium. prior to the game starting.


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  1. George Clay

    While the sentiment to the article, at least from the headline, is a good one. If you actually read what they wrote, they talk about all the good work he’s done for Hurricane relief from Harvey, and then they say this: “And because of all that, you can’t really say anything about the fact that he is literally tipping his cap to all the police officers he sees today.” So what I don’t get, is why they feel it’s an issue he’s tipping his cap and police officers.

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