“I don’t want to hear anything about black lives matter”: Woman Praises Tacoma Police, Teaches Us A Lesson

“I don’t want to hear anything about black lives matter”: Woman Praises Tacoma Police, Teaches Us A Lesson

Photo: Christine Croskey; KIRO-TV

Christine Croskey owns the home where a suspect shot and killed a Tacoma police officer Wednesday evening. She was inside the home as the incident unfolded Wednesday evening. Yet despite the chaos, Croskey made herself quite clear: “I don’t want to hear anything about black lives matter, because all lives matter.”

According to a KIRO-TV news report, Croskey also praised law enforcement: “I want to say the Tacoma Police Department handled this matter with such professionalism… despite one of their own being shot.”

For those willing to listen, her words speak volumes.

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Her remarks bear a wisdom grounded not only in sympathy, but in genuine empathy. And as many first responders know, empathy is often needed most during times of tragic loss.

Undoubtedly, Croskey’s words have comforted Tacoma Police personnel reeling from the loss of a fellow officer—if not law enforcement personnel across the nation.

Yet, due to far more divisive rhetoric concerning matters of law enforcement and race, the following point seems regrettably necessary: Croskey is black.

For some, her race may seem to make her words seem more poignant.

However, if there is anything we can learn from Croskey’s remarks and this tragic incident, it is that we all need more understanding, more empathy—and more mutual respect.

Most gratefully, Christine Croskey has provided us with an example, from which we all can learn.

Read more, and watch the KIRO-TV video with Christine Croskey…


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  1. inspectorudy

    Do you think the writer of this article could have put the details of the incident in it? What a poorly written piece. The writer is on track to become a NYT reporter if this level of incompetence keeps up.

    • Mallet Head

      It’s not incompetence when that wasn’t the point of the article. You could have looked just below the article and seen the link to an article that does tell you what happened.

      NYT’s reporter aren’t as incompetent as they corrupt propagandist.

      Thank you men in Blue, we grieve with you for your every loss.

  2. koowah

    A decent man dead, his family grieving, Their Christmas will never be the same. Such a loss.

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