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Houston Looters Targeting Law Enforcement, Firefighters

Houston Looters Targeting Law Enforcement, Firefighters

Houston firefighters came under gunfire from looters while conducting search and rescue operations Monday.

Houston police union officials told The Daily Caller News Foundation that a group of firefighters were targeted by looters while helping people escape the catastrophic flooding.

“We had firefighters out there helping people, and looters started firing on them,” Officer Joe Gamaldi told TheDCNF Tuesday morning. “We sent officers down there on a code 1 (which means as fast as you can) to assist, and they too came under fire.”

“This was absolutely the most despicable and disgusting thing that you could imagine,” Gamaldi said. “That our officers had to stop what they were doing, high water rescues and saving lives, to deal with looters firing at our officers and firefighters.”

He had a message to looters: “If you are caught, you will go to jail and there will be severe consequences.”

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