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Homeowner Finds New Way To Fly Thin Blue Line Flag

Homeowner Finds New Way To Fly Thin Blue Line Flag

The Florida homeowner who was asked by her homeowners association to remove a Blue Lives Matter flag from the outside of her home a month ago has now found a new way to get the message across.

WOKV reports that a projector is now beaming the flag onto the homeowner’s Samara Lakes garage at night instead of having it hung from a flagpole attached to the home.

Jeff Gaddie said that his daughter had flown that flag for years before she got a letter requesting she take it down after a neighbor complained the flag was racist.

“It doesn’t seem to quite be covered that a projector from a vehicle projecting on your garage door is a violation of the HOA,” Gaddie added.

The homeowner’s association has yet to respond to a request for an appeal of the flag decision.

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