Hiring More Cops—“An Act of Violence”?

The mayor of Minneapolis proposed to hire 15 more police officers to help reduce rising crime—but the proposal has become controversial, with one citizen calling it “an act of violence against people of color,” according to a news report from the StarTribune.

With the number of violent crimes increasing throughout Minneapolis, and the number of gun-related injuries up 27%, mayor Betsy Hodges proposed hiring 15 more police officers.

While the Minneapolis city council broadly supports the mayor’s hiring proposal, 27 people voiced strong opposition to the proposal during a recent public hearing.

The overall message from those who spoke at the hearing seems invariably clear: do not hire more police officers.

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Some characterized the hiring of more police officers in more controversial terms, including south Minneapolis resident Sam Dun, who said that, “To allow this item to pass is not only an insult to a lot of the folks in this room, but it’s an act of violence against people of color.”

In response to such opposition, and opposition from community groups, mayor Hodges reported, “It’s understandable to me that people have concerns with increasing the complement of sworn officers, but for me that investment is about community policing.”

And Hodges also noted a key aspect of community-based policing efforts:. “If we are going to expect our officers to be building relationships with community members, we need to give them the time and resources to do that.”

Barb Johnson, Council President, and representative of an area of Minneapolis where violent crime has increased 10% this year, stated in clear terms, “It is ridiculous to talk about cutting police officers in this budget, and it’s easy for people who don’t deal with people calling them and saying they’re afraid to let their children walk around the block,”

The Minneapolis City Council seemed unswayed by opinions against the proposal—and approved a $1.3 billion budget for 2017, that includes $4 million for hiring 15 police officers and 20 part-time community-service officers.

However, even with the additional 15 officers, Minneapolis will have 85 fewer police officers than its authorized level before 2009 budget cuts.

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  1. Vlad Untruksur

    Let them call #BLM next time there’s a drive-by. For some reason I think their response time will be REALLY good…

  2. amongoose

    “an act of violence against people of color,”
    I’d say that is what the criminals in your midst are doing, daily, and repeatedly.

  3. OG_Locc

    Can we start a gofundme for the 27 people who voiced “strong opposition” to the idea? I’m sure we could rally enough money for 27 one way tickets to Liberia in not time.

    • Vlad Untruksur

      Somalia. Liberia wouldn’t know what to do with them but in Somalia they would figure it out REAL quick.

  4. Pathfinder306

    Perhaps we could have the liberals and progressives register so that when they are being kidnapped, raped, robbed or otherwise being visited by the poor underdog gun totting criminals they love so much the cops are told “Don’t hurry, or risk your life.”. Give the cops a mandatory delay in responding to calls from these fools.


    lol “an act of violence”
    actually, an act of violence that they should be worried about comes where there are no cops, and bands of normally good people take up rifles and torches, hunts people down they perceive as bad and criminal, and exact mob justice without trial or hearing. Thats what you get if the cops go away. Amazing how cops protect everyone, even a possible criminal.
    EDIT: BTW thank you officers for all you do

  6. roccolore

    Liberals hate cops…then beg for police to protect their anti-cop rallies and terror mosques.

  7. Katrina

    The people whining the loudest are very likely the same people committing the crimes that need to be stopped. Hire the full 85 and clean the place up. Act of violence indeed! It is the community who has shown violence, and the community who needs protection from it. What kind of brainiacs think male sexual health programs should take precedence over police protection? What kind of community is that?

  8. shooter2009

    Disband the MPD then. Let chaos and anarchy rule. F*ck them.

  9. Count_Iblis

    I thought it would quite obvious by now that BLM and other radical groups want a world with no police and no laws. These people are violent thugs, period.

    • copper

      It”s called anarchy.


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