From A Mugshot To A Mansion: Jeremy Meeks Proves Crime Does Pay

Photo: Jeremy Meeks; source Instagram

Jeremy Meeks—perhaps more known by his “hot felon” Internet meme—posed for a mugshot that soon went viral in June of 2014. Oddly enough, it seems his arrest—and his mugshot—may have helped turned his life around.

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Jeremy Meeks' MugshotAccording to a New York Post news report, “the world’s hottest felon is now living the high life” (perhaps not that “high” life).

Now an ex-con who was jailed in 2014 for weapons offenses, Meeks’ Instagram account portrays a lifestyle far removed from gangs and guns.

Meeks recently posted a photo of himself in front of his mansion—exiting his Maserati. His transformation can easily be explained alliteratively: Meeks went from mugshot, to a modeling, to a Maserati, to a mansion.

Aside from the material things, Meeks seems focused on more important things, such as his modeling career—and his family.

If Meeks hasn’t disproved the old cliché that crime doesn’t pay, at least he is proving that not every mugshot tells the story of a life of crime…

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  1. KwaneYarnell

    Only a Republican will insist that ‘crime doesn’t pay’…usually while he is posing as a ‘strong anti-crime defender’ before mothers and little kids, BUT RIGHT BEFORE the old, disgusting politician asks for a donation to his election fund.

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