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Free Police Leadership Training Featuring Stacy Ettel

Free Police Leadership Training Featuring Stacy Ettel

Behind the Line, Dallas

The Behind-The-Line Leadership Series brings a focused discussion surrounding contemporary issues in law enforcement by officers who have been involved in high-profile critical incidents. Deputy Stacy Ettel and Chief Jody Fanning both faced extreme scrutiny in the national media spotlight for their actions and the actions of their subordinates.

Deputy Stacy Ettel personifies the costs of mishandled media coverage. He was Watch Commander for one of the very first law enforcement incidents captured on cell phone. The 2007 "Don't Tase Me Bro" incident was captured on flip phone and spread virally on what was then a relatively new internet video platform, YouTube. Three years later, Stacy was at another crossroads of sorts, standing outside the window of a college student who had barricaded himself in student housing. He was thrust to the forefront of what has since become another trend in the media's coverage of law enforcement - a feverish informal trial with no accounting for facts. Stacy provides a behind-the-line look at the circumstances of these events, the costs of inaccurate media coverage and makes a call for change when the next high-profile event occurs. (See Deputy Ettel's backstory here)

Cottonwood Police Department in Cottonwood, AZ was thrust into the harsh glare of the media spotlight when what should have been a simple public disturbance call at a local grocery store escalated into a twelve-person parking lot brawl leaving two suspects shot, one killed, and one officer shot with multiple officers injured. Chief Fanning provides compelling behind-the-line detail of the events of March 21, 2015, including important tactical and training lessons learned, as well as strategy for his subsequent FBI-recognized response to the national media frenzy. (See the video of the Cottonwood incident here)

** Please NOTE: This is NOT a sales presentation. It is a case study of these incidents where you can ask questions and can learn from Chief Fanning's and Deputy Ettel's experiences.

Friday, May 19, 2017
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM CDT
Lunch provided

Institute for Law Enforcement Administration
5201 Democracy Drive
Plano, Texas 75024

Admission is free. Parking will be provided.

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The Behind the Line Leadership Series provides perspective into, and exploration of, compelling incidents and topics in law enforcement. This series was developed by WatchGuard Video for current and future law enforcement leaders and offered at no cost to all law enforcement agencies and their officers. This is not a sales presentation.

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