Florida Police Officer Killed In Crash

Delray Beach (FL) Police Officer Christine Braswell, 41, has died after a crash in the Florida Keys that also left another Delray officer critically injured.

Officers Christine Braswell, 41, and Bernendea Marc, 25, were off-duty in Key West when the crash occurred.

Delray Beach Police Chief Jeffrey Goldman released an email to officers with news of Braswell’s death Sunday morning.

“I write this message with a very heavy heart,” Goldman said. “We have lost one of our family members, Christine Braswell. I know we all are devastated and hurt by this news.”

Officials say Marc is stable and will remain at Jackson Memorial South in Miami until she can be transported to Delray Medical Center.

Both women were off-duty and riding a motor scooter when another driver 31-year-made a turn at an intersection and hit them, according to reports.

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