Firework Stand Robbery Suspect Killed

Firework Stand Robbery Suspect Killed

Police are investigating an attempted armed robbery at a fireworks stand in Tulsa (OK) that ended with the robbery suspect being shot in the chest and killed by the fireworks stand owner’s son.

News on 6 reported that the incident began when a green pickup drove up to the fireworks stand, and a man with a gun got out, took a large $600 box of fireworks, fired gunshots, threw the box into the bed of the pickup and tried to flee the scene.

The fireworks stand owner’s son then jumped into the bed of the truck as it was driving away and fired one shot into the truck.

The truck then drove away with the owner’s son still in the back of the truck.

Witnesses said the owner’s son fired shots into the pickup and at the tires and it finally stopped, but a suspected robber got out and ran into a field.

Another suspect remained in the truck where he later died.

That suspect was eventually picked up by another truck and the stolen fireworks were transported in that truck and they fled the scene.



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  1. LegalBeagle

    And now I have read that your DA has charged the victim with manslaughter. I am impressed; he has continued to blast and dig and seek new lows in ethics and intellect. I am also appalled; as I said before, he is not of my tribe.

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