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Ferguson Activists Build Monument In Honor Of Mike Brown

Ferguson Activists Build Monument In Honor Of Mike Brown

Ferguson (MO) residents gathered Tuesday night to erect a monument to Mike Brown, a black teenager shot by a police officer, in honor of the third anniversary of his death.

Dozens of people placed teddy bears, heart balloons and candles at the place where Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson fatally shot Brown during a struggle between the two, reports STLToday.

“I’m really delighted to see people come out here, it shows they haven’t forgotten,” activist Meldon Moffitt said of those who joined the event. “As long as we support each other, all these lives — Mike Brown, Isaiah Hammett, Kajieme Powell, all of them — will be remembered.”

People driving by the site shouted messages of encouragement to those gathered. Moffitt, who protested in the original demonstrations in 2014, told residents that the site was “ground zero” and must never be forgotten.

Brown had just completed a robbery by force when he attacked Officer Wilson while he sat in his car.  Wilson pursued Brown and ultimately shot and killed him.

The DOJ, local and state officials all declined to pursue charges on Wilson.

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  1. spike

    Hard to believe an America that seems OK for folks to publicly lionize a thug – who bullied and stole from a much smaller shop owner and then, apparently drunk on power, tried the same thing on a law officer. Punched him in the face and tried to get his gun. When he took off and the officer drew his gun and called for him to stop – he did, then turned around and charge toward the officer. They often refer to the thug as a boy or a kid – he was only 18, but over six foot and well over 200 pounds. His actions brought on his own death, the officer was completely exonerated by Eric Holder’s own justice staff, but he was out of job, probably forever from his chosen career and had to disappear. Now i understand that the Browns are suing HIM for wrongful death?! The thinking and actions of those in authority at this time in history is so screwed up, we wonder if things will ever settle down to normal again. Someone should sue those parents for completely failing in their job to raise a boy to be a man who would behave in a way that was for the good of his community instead of the opposite!!!

  2. Duane Wolfe

    Kajieme Powell approached officers with a knife in his hand telling them, “Kill me.” Isaiah Hammett opened fire on SWAT officers as they executed a warrant on him for selling drugs and weapons. Michael Brown committed a robbery, assaulted and attempted to disarm an officer, when he had the opportunity to escape he turned and attacked the officer again resulting in him being shot to death. . “As long as we support each other, all these lives — Mike Brown, Isaiah Hammett, Kajieme Powell, all of them — will be remembered.” Please remember the facts of the cases surrounding their deaths, not the lies told.

  3. Burt

    100% agree with LegalBeagle. These people need to pick different role models to honor. The world was done a favor when this low life got himself killed by his own thug actions.

  4. LegalBeagle

    “Activists”? How about utterly insane apologists for the criminally feral. This is utterly disgusting. Michael Brown was a violent criminal whose demise was a direct result of his violent criminal criminal conduct. His family should of course mourn him – but anyone else who does is a darned fool at best.

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