Entire K9 Unit Disciplined For Speeding

Entire K9 Unit Disciplined For Speeding

The entire Lakeland (FL) Police K9 unit faced disciplinary action following an investigation into speeding.

Earlier this year, members of the unit were caught speeding to and from the United States Police Canine Association Regional Field Trials in the Florida panhandle while in marked vehicles.

An employee with the Office of the Attorney General observed the vehicles with Lakeland police logos speeding in excess of 80 mph in Santa Rosa County. The employee then called Lakeland police chief Larry Giddens.

Fox 13 reports that Chief Giddens called the K9 unit supervisor, Sgt. Aaron Peterman, who was traveling with the unit, to tell him to “slow down,” according to the investigation summary. He then called for an internal affairs investigation,which recently closed.

The marked police cars were equipped with in-car camera systems, which revealed one of the vehicles was traveling 84 mph in the city of Gulf Breeze where there was a posted speed of 45 mph. The system begins recording automatically when the vehicle reaches 75 mph.

“During their pre-disciplinary hearings, each officer was remorseful,” the report said, “and acknowledged that their individual actions reflected unfavorably upon the department and cast the agency in a negative light.”

Each member faced at least an 8.4-hour to 16.8-hour suspension. They will also receive training on the in-car camera system along with training on the dangers of speeding.

Those who were eligible to receive annual merit increases will be denied for one year, and none will be considered for a promotion for one year.

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  1. hannahalice1000 .

    “No tickets were issued”

    Why not?

    Points to that department for the punishments given, but that’s a personnel matter – not a legal matter. That’s like company employees being punished by company rules and policies for being caught speeding in company vehicles. That’s got nothing to do with the legal process

    one of the vehicles was traveling 84 mph in the city of Gulf Breeze where there was a posted speed of 45 mph

    Anyone know what the “ordinary” legal consequences of that are Why are they excluded from those consequences?

    No tickets? I ask again- why not?

    • LegalBeagle

      Don’t know for sure, but I’d guess because the local agencies that could issue the citations never witnessed it. The law of the state would control whether or not they could be issued later, by officers who did not see it. (I’m not familiar with Florida law.) The long term consequences of the internal investigations will in fact last long and have more impact.

      • hannahalice1000 .

        All good speculations – though, considering the extent of the punishments given so far, I am yet to be convinced that any further internal investigations will in fact last long and have more impact than any legal impact might have

        But that’s all beside the point if the actual reasons for there not to be any legal process are never given or discussed ( let alone even mentioned) by the department in question. Because not explaining them leaves them wide open to all speculations – both benign and sinister

        “A lie can run round the world before the truth has got its boots on.”

        • LegalBeagle

          You can easily ask the department by email, or try to google your way through the relevant Florida statutes as to LE authority to issue citations. Almost certainly the employing agency would not be able to. My guess is that the latter is far too much work and less likely to be productive.

  2. LegalBeagle

    Dammit, don’t do stuff for which we take enforcement action. Is that so hard to comprehend? Complete jackassery.

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