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Elderly Couple Rescued After They Ordered “Burritos and a Boat” From Chick-Fil-A

Elderly Houston  couples, J.C. Spencer and his wife, Karen, found themselves in a perilous situation. Since they were physically unable to wade through murky torrents or climb to their roof to hail emergency responders, the Spencers decided to call the only nearby outlet that had always provided faithful service — the local Chick-fil-A.

What they received was an act of kindness they still have trouble believing actually happened. ABC News reports that after expressing their dire situation to the local Chick-fil-A, the manager immediately organized a 2-man team of Jet Ski-operators, which included himself, to head over to the Spencer home and save the stranded elderly couple. J.C. had simply joked with the restaurant worker, placing an order for “2 grilled chicken burritos” and “a boat.” Surprisingly, they got exactly what they ordered.

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