Detroit Police Chief On President Trump: ‘Positive And Supportive’

Photo Courtesy:  Fox News

Detroit Police Chief James Craig was among a group of law enforcement leaders who recently met with President Donald Trump in Washington.

Craig was in Washington earlier this week for a major cities police chiefs conference. Trump addressed the chiefs and Craig came away with this impression of the new president.

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“Very positive, very supportive,” Craig said.

Craig said Trump thanked the chiefs and sheriffs from across the country, exhibiting support Detroit’s top law enforcement officer appreciates very much.

Next, the president did what Craig calls a “bold leap” by signing an executive order reading, “The most important crime-fighting measure is to stand behind the officers who are on the front lines.”

That kind of support Craig found refreshing coming from the new administration.

“In leadership positions, we must provide our unwavering support to those who serve and protect every day,” Craig said. “We lost three officers in Detroit in the last quarter of last year.”

Craig said his officers won’t be doing any illegal immigration work for the president, but if a violent offender is caught and is not a citizen, the feds will be called.

“We will contact immigration if they are here illegally,” Craig said. “We will cooperate and we’ve always cooperated, as has most cities.”

The chief said this isn’t political. He said when police aren’t supported, it gives violent crime a chance to rise.

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