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Detective Calls Murderers ‘Community Terrorists’

Detective Calls Murderers ‘Community Terrorists’

A police detective from Tulsa is calling for more community engagement and cooperation after two people were killed during a shootout at a softball game.

Sergeant Marcus Harper, who heads the police department’s Major Crimes unit, said he became exasperated when he learned of last week’s deadly gunfight. Chantel Mack, 20, and Michael Daniels, 39, died in a still-unsolved shooting that occurred during a community softball game July 9 at Crawford Park, 2425 N. Hartford Ave.

“A majority of the people at the park when this happened were just out there playing softball having a good time,” Harper said. “But then you have people who show up from the outside, and probably a good term for them would be community terrorists. They are terrorizing the community.”

Harper said that there are witnesses to the double homicide but they are refusing to talk to cops.

Harper took to Facebook to express his frustration with non-cooperative witnesses. He urged anyone with information on the shooters to contact him, writing that “I want this to sit on your gut all day, all that young lady did was turn around.”

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