Deputy Constable Shot At Courthouse: “I’m Bleeding Out…”

Update: 1015 hours – Harris County Precinct 3 Assistant Chief Deputy Clint Greenwood, a 30-year law enforcement veteran, is the victim in this morning’s shooting.  ABC 13 reports that he has died.

A Harris County (TX) deputy constable has been taken by Life Flight to the hospital after being shot in the neck at the courthouse in Baytown.

The shooting happened at the back of the courthouse around 7 a.m.

Investigators said the deputy constable was shot in the neck and radioed for help, reportedly saying “I’m bleeding out.”

Another deputy nearby rushed to his aid, applying pressure onto the deputy constable’s neck.

There is currently no description of the suspect and he remains at large.

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  1. Gary

    Fucking SAD!! R.I.P Deputy Greenwood

    • Sid Baker

      Gary, it is sad indeed about the senselessness of the death of Deputy Greenwood, no doubt about that! But so is your choice of a word to use to convey your thoughts on it! As it is a shame society has gotten to the point that life is treated so cavalierly as it is, so is the lack of respect for others and especially our younger generation that will see such corrupt communication from your mouth, sir (I understand you ‘wrote’ it, but as Jesus said, it came from your heart, which is proof you are defied, unclean, and do not have a clean pure heart)!! You should be ashamed of your foul choices you obviously make as it regards your attitude.

      • Gary

        First Off, I’m a grown ass man and I don’t need you telling me anything about my choice of words. If no one likes what I have to say, then so be it. I’m not ashamed of my foul choices of words. In that case, you should be ashamed of being a hypocrite and Judging one for words they preach. Really Christian of you to poke your nose in deep and then come out with a stain, Brown Noser ………. You need to just mind your own business and not worry about mine or anyone else’s for that matter. That’s what’s wrong with the world today as well someone always sticking their noses in or throwing their two cents in…..I’m not perfect, but you’re not Mother Theresa or a Saint……

  2. Scott T Woods

    The suspect remains outstanding? Proof read what you write before posting it for the world to see. You freaking imbecile! We LEOs are fed up with the BS!

    • walt kaiser

      depends on the jurisdiction you work in as to the language used. This is common phraseology on the west coast as in ” the suspect is outstanding” meaning he has not been caught. Might sound a little callous but it is used all the time.

      • Scott T Woods

        1982-2007, 25 years active service and i never heard or used that term. But then again, i am back east here in the NYC area. Interesting though. Outstanding!

  3. SnugglesOfSarcasm

    I don’t think the suspect is outstanding.

    I also don’t think the reporter and editor of this story are real prizes either.

  4. code 6

    Rest In Peace brother

  5. Carol

    Prayers being said that he will recover.

    • Ruffian31

      Sadly, he did not. It’s been reported the deputy has passed.

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