Denver Police Memorial Vandalized

The Denver Police Department’s fallen officer memorial was vandalized overnight Sunday with red paint.  A similar incident occurred a year ago during an anti-police demonstration where two men were arrested.

The memorial is under video surveillance and Chief White was confident that the “disturbed individuals” would be captured.

White stated that the “…memorial really represents the men and women who have given their lives for this community. To deface it is just a dishonor.”


The monument, outside the department’s headquarters, lists the names of the more than 70 city officers killed in the line of duty.

The paint had been washed away by mid-morning and the memorial was surrounded in metal gates.


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  1. jill

    Im sickened by this!!

  2. glen d mckinney

    when the national leader has no respect for law enforcement or the law of the land and has o regard for the military or law enforcement. and large city administrations put out the idea that police ar the enemy. and have no respect for themselves. this what kind of action we in law enforcement can expect. plus the bad guy’s trying to kill us on the street. because the national leader thinks it is all right. because we pick on a certain class of people instead of the crime they committed

  3. Nancy

    Just goes to show how stupid people are. How would they feel if it happened to someone they loves memorial marker? And who would they call to report the vandalism too? Bet they didn’t think of that when they were being stupid

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