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‘More Dead Cops’ Banner Hangs Over Freeway

‘More Dead Cops’ Banner Hangs Over Freeway

 Photo Courtesy: WTEN/CNN

A banner in New York reading “More Dead Cops” provoked outrage and raised questions about the limitations of free speech.

The banner hung on an overpass in Albany (NY) Sunday for an unknown length of time. It was removed shortly after police received a call about it around 5:00 p.m.

Law Officer Editor In Chief Travis Yates said that the sign speaks for a few hateful and evil individuals and that is nothing new to law enforcement.

“Dealing with the most hateful and evil that society has to offer is nothing new to law enforcement.  Social media can portray this kind of act like it is common but it simply is not.  The vast majority of Americans respect those that risk their lives daily and a few words on a sign hung by cowards will do nothing to change that,” Yates exclaimed.

Recalling a State Senator that once told Yates she understood why someone would shoot and kill cops, Yates said the only way to deal with this hate is to ignore it.

“We spend far too much time talking and placating to hateful people and I say we as a profession need to stop doing that.  We have limited time and I choose to spend my time and energy with people that actually want to see their community safe and want to work along side law enforcement to make that happen,” Yates said.

Law enforcement is investigating the incident.

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