DC Police Officer’s T-Shirt Sparks Investigation

Photo Courtesy:  Law 4 Black Lives DC

D.C. police officer has been pulled off the streets and an internal investigation is underway after a group of citizens filed a formal complaint about his T-shirt.

WTOP reports that Law 4 Black Lives DC filed a complaint and posted an online petition demanding the officer be fired after they found a shirt he wore while allegedly on duty and in court “offensive, racist and threatening.”

The photo of the back of the officer’s shirt depicts the Grim Reaper with the D.C. flag behind it, carrying a gun. Above the figure is a banner reading “Powershift” with the O swapped out for what Law 4 Black Lives DC calls a sun cross, “a well known and notorious white supremacist symbol adopted by the Ku Klux Klan.”

Below the Grim Reaper are the letters MPDC, standing for Metropolitan Police D.C. and Seventh District. It also includes the sentence, “Let me see that waistband jo.”

The petition site said that refers to “jump outs and the routine practice of demanding to see the waistbands of individuals who are disproportionately young Black and Brown men.”

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