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Dallas Police Chief May Demote To Put More Officers On The Street

Dallas Police Chief May Demote To Put More Officers On The Street

On Monday, Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall said that she plans to significantly reduce the number of assistant chiefs and deputy chiefs who oversee the department.

She is also considering reducing the number of detectives in investigative units and officers serving on task forces in order to place more officers on the street.

Her plan may mean that some officers serving as assistant chief could be demoted to lieutenant and that some detectives could be put in patrol, which Hall called the “backbone” of the department.


The last 12 months have seen almost 500 officers resign or retired.

The department is down to 3,072 officers while budgeted  at 3,600.

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  1. Craig Stewart

    Why would they stay without the support they can get at many other departments in the State of Texas and elsewhere. Seems to me if you have that many leaving there is a leadership problem that goes all the way up to the Chief.

  2. D. M. Warshevsky

    Seems like they have no choice. Like teachers and other professionals, pay them right and give them a livable pension. They’ll contribute.

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