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Dallas Chief Asked To Resign By Unions

Dallas Chief Asked To Resign By Unions

The Dallas Police Department has four four police associations and they have each asked that Dallas Chief David Brown resign. The Black Police Association of Greater Dallas, the Dallas Police Association, the Dallas Fraternal Order of Police and the Dallas chapter of the National Latino Law Enforcement Organization met Monday afternoon to discuss Brown’s move to put hundreds of officers on different shifts. They also met with Mayor Mike Rawlings, who has also publicly supported Brown and his efforts.

The rare joint meeting was in response to complaints among officers about shift changes and task force assignments, which have put 600 officers on late night and overnight shifts. Brown publicly announced the measure Monday, but officers started receiving notifications about the changes late last week.

Brown said the changes are necessary to combat an increase in violent crime, including a 75 percent jump in murders. But the associations have said they feel Brown has not communicated what is expected of officers and the rank-and-file no longer trusts his leadership.


The Black Police Association sent a letter to the mayor, city manager and City Council members saying they no longer believe Brown is fit to lead the Police Department.

“The current atmosphere within the Dallas Police Department is one of vengeance, distrust, retaliation and failure to employ the most prudent use of manpower,” wrote BPA’s president, Lt. Thomas Glover.

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