Captain Clay Higgins Resigns

Clay Higgins, well known for his Crime Stopper Videos from St. Landry Parish has resigned from the Sheriff’s Office.

higgins3Higgins made the announcement Monday morning on the steps of the St. Landry Parish Courthouse.  He says he was not forced to resign, but he felt he need to turn in his badge.  There have been reports that Sheriff Bobby Guidroz was not happy with recent videos and that he intended to “reign” the segment back in.

Higgins’ announcement comes on the heels of the controversy surrounding the most recent video where he called out a street gang named the “Gremlins.”

During his announcement, Higgins stated:

“I will not kneel to violent street gangs. I will not kneel to murderers or the parents that raised them. I will not kneel to a discredited, wanna-be, black activist that doesn’t really have the best interest of his people in mind, who just wants to make a profit,…….I will not kneel to bureaucrats in Baton Rouge, Washington or anywhere else who have forgotten why they wear a badge and who have forgotten who they serve.”

Higgins’ says he has options and will remain a constable.

On behalf of Law Officer, we need men like Captain Clay Higgins.  As we see it, Captain Higgins did not lie, steal or cheat.  He stood up and told the truth and we imagine that the vast majority of his community and our country agree completely with him.  We expect the “reigning” in by the Sheriff will only give Captain Higgins additional platforms to support law abiding citizens as well as law enforcement across the country.

Who knows, maybe Captain Higgins will one day soon be Sheriff Higgins……….




  1. Mike_Travis

    Let’s all pray he will soon replace the coward now holding the sheriff’s office.

  2. Dennis Shrewsbury

    Awesome job, Captain Higgins. It’s sad your sheriff doesn’t have the courage to do the right thing, but so it goes these days. Good luck in whatever you choose to do. Perhaps you and Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke can get together!

  3. Jim Rogers

    Sounds like Higgins might have stepped on a few toes and the higher up didn’t want to keeping their self in check. Capt.i hope the people in your area rember this come election time. GOOD LUCK CAPTAIN.
    Jim Rogers
    Retired Captain

  4. Jim Rogers

    Higgins said nothing but what was correct. Sometimes the higher up don’t want anything said that will put them in a little disagreement with their higher up. Sir I hope the people around your area rembers this come election time
    Good luck

    Jim Rogers
    Retired LEO

  5. Michael Bouchard

    Captain Higgins we in the law enforcement community are grateful for your service, we need supervisors with your balls. The truth is almost every police officer feels the same way you do and if they don’t they should give there badge to a real cop.

    The politicians are allowing these scum bag gang members to take over our cities and terrorize the community. Captain Higgins I respect you and I appreciate your honesty.

    The “Terdlins” video should be played nationally for a month during line-up. Captain Higgins if you become Sheriff call me I’ll be at line-up a day early.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Officer M. C. Bouchard

  6. Len

    It’s no shock a politician would throw someone under a bus when they have to pick a side huh???? Looks like this community needs a new Sheriff ????.

    P.S. I always enjoy reading a gang supporter comment on a police site lol. Stay safe

  7. David

    America needs more men like Clay Higgins – not less!

  8. Bobby Buchet

    Captain Clay Higgins is an awesome advocate for the people. It’s a shame that the snowflakes of our society have suppressed his voice in favor of “feelings” and politically correct messaging. When the criminal element, which tramples on the rights of citizens, has advocates to support and hold them up, it is clearly a dark day in America.

  9. Eric

    What bunch of political BS apparently honesty and the truth has been flushed down the toilet, lies, deception and crooked politics now rule our society. God help us if this continues.

  10. Jeffrey Atteberry

    I’m sad to see this. I can’t help but think that obviously the good Sheriff, had to be aware and approve of the most recent video in questions, so no one can say he was unaware. You don’t assemble 30 people in front of the Sheriff’s office, with vehicles, and the Sheriff be in the dark. Obviously when public opinion hit on the negative side, the Sheriff now wants to disavow himself , by cutting Higgins loose. Yes Higgins will be Sheriff Higgins……

  11. d, lindsey

    he will go to where he can shoot an kill some unarmed teen ,,then lie and say he felt threatened

  12. Joe

    Looks like theres going to be a NEW Sheriff come election day!

  13. Hal Kiah SSgt, USAF Security Police, 1976-1988

    I am a former Military LEO, and I stand with Captian Higgins! His videos have been straight forward and to the point on handling the situations his parish and communities across the country have been, and are facing today. Not only are gangs a problem, but also we are having to deal with drug cartels that have infiltrated our country and have caused more problems for law enforcement to have to combat. To Sheriff Bobby Guidroz, I say, either you Support Captian Higgins, or relinquish your position as sheriff, and hand the title and responsibilities of your office over to the captian, as it seems fully apparent that you are not willing to fill the shoes that you were given by the community, while the Captian is More than willing to take solid steps to combat the serious problems that HE knows exist, and you have turned a blind eye to. I have to wonder, are you, Sheriff, going to take the political side, or is there someones money filling your back pocket, and controlling you?? Again, either support your captian, or step aside Sheriff Guidroz.

  14. Megan

    As a St Landry Parish resident, I am furious that Uncle Clay (as he is affectionately known) is in this position because the crooked sheriff’s department won’t support him. I have beeeen lost faith in some of these officers because they talk to you way worse than the things Captain Higgins ever said.

  15. Spencer

    To hell with Sheriff Bobby Guidroz and those like him that choose easy as opposed to what’s right. This county is now ruled by the almighty dollar instead of Gods laws. No many like captain Higgins that have the strength and honor to choose what’s right over what’s popular! We need more leaders like him if this country is going to survive.

  16. Jimmy Jacks retired with 30yrs LE

    The Sheriff needs to grow a set and back Captain Higgins, I and most LE officers accross the country enjoyed the statements Capt. Higgins made. He told the truth straight foward, if what he said offended you, maybe your way of thinking is wrong. In my opinion that is what is wrong with our society, we let the minority rule the majority. I am very sad to see the lack of backing for Capt. Higgins and more sad that he will not be making his statements anymore. If I lived there he would have my vote for Sheriff, apparently the one they have now is just a politition.

  17. Joe in Texas

    So wait a minute, did all those guys behind him resign too?

    This is complete nonsense. Cant’ believe he gave up without a fight.

  18. Bob Alvarez

    I only wish there were more people like him in this Country. People who will face felons and not back down. I am 100% in favor of Captain Clay Higgins. As a USAF Veteran I applaud Mr Higgins and Salute him.

  19. Candy

    It’s a shame politics interferes with good and decent men

  20. Becky H

    ST LANDRY have to do better. Sheriff get some balls!
    I am told that Capt. Clay Higgins is being forced to voluntarily resign.
    One minute you praise Capt Higgins and the next minute ya’ll are sweeping him under the rug. That is ok. That means that GOD has a better place for him. He has done what he could over there. GOD will open a better door of opportunity for him and he will serve a greater cause. To bad the Sheriff didn’t have the balls to do his job and say he is doing what I told him to do and that is to Protect and Serve. Now, go home and try to do something with your Gang Member children!

  21. Marty Schlereth

    A good offices we have should not listen to no one but their own hearts the hell with the red necks even if they are black when you’re doing a good job do not bend to pressure how about running for president

    • Keef

      This was hard to read. Damn.

  22. Shawn Newsom

    The Sheriff just committed political suicide by putting the pressure on the Captain! I am an officer of 30 years and it was nice to hear someone tell the truth without sugar coating it so we don’t offend those who challenge us on a daily bases. He, like all officers, should also have the freedom of speech, especially when it was the truth! Gods speed Captain may your next boss allow you to fight the fight!

  23. Kelly Rainville

    After watching many of his videos I do not find them to be harsh or find anything wrong with them in fact I wish our county was more like that I admire him for all that he was trying to do in his community people just don’t like the fact that he tells it like it is and calls people out on their wrongs he seems like a wonderful man with lots of knowledge to share with the world and for that I am glad he shared it with his community thank you Captain Higgins

  24. Frank

    Look at all the other police administrators and all the other officers that are standing by Captain Higgins. Oh that’s right NONE. This is law enforcement today. There is no such thing as Brotherhood or Ssterhood nowadays it’s everyone for themselves. Pretty damn sad. . We just talk about it on Facebook and that makes us feel so much better.

    • Lt. M.C. Williams (Ret.)

      There are THOUSANDS of “other officers” standing by Clay. He is exactly what we need in our God-ordained profession today. That said, he is terrifying to administrators who have forgotten their God-ordained calling — to be SERVANT-leaders and to be “ministers for good and a terror against evil” (Romans 13:4).

  25. John Degel

    rein – to control by use of reins; reign- to rule as a king or other leader.

  26. Michael

    Does anyone remember the song “I shot the Sheriff” someone should play it to the present Sheriff; then they could make Captain Higgins Sherriff!

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