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Burger King Investigates Employee Comment on Slain Officer

Burger King Investigates Employee Comment on Slain Officer

Burger King is starting an investigation into a post that has gone viral from an Upstate woman.

The post claims that an employee was fired after a discussion about the recent shooting of Greenville Officer Allen Jacobs at the Burger King location on Laurens Road in Greenville.

Jacobs was shot while investigating an incident regarding a known gang member, Deontea Mackey. Mackey then took his own life, according to police.

Here is the facebook post regarding the incident:


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  1. Sue

    NO ONE DESERVES to be killed!! What is wrong with that woman? He was someone’s father, husband, son, friend, coworker, etc.. He wasn’t breaking the law, he was doing his job protecting us …

  2. Makeamericagreat

    Fuck her if she said the cop got what he deserved.

  3. Bruce Edwards

    As a 35 year Law Enforcement member I am furious at the reported comment of the store manager, and the action taken against the cashier. I am also upset with the owners failure to correct this injustice. Unless this is cleared up with the reinstatement of the fired employee, and the dismissal of the offending manager I am urging all Law Enforcement to boycott Burger King at 2685 Laurens Rd. Greenville. I addition I will urge a general boycott of Burger King statewide.

    • Kathryn Burton

      Sounds a bit sketchy, but won’t be difficult to replace a Whopper if found to be true. Management that allows any disrespect from their employees won’t respect customers. Not hard to say Bye Bye.

  4. Denyse LaBarbera

    Burger King, you’re going to lose a lot of business.Your “manager” will be at the center of that loss. Connie, you will do better away from such hate. The BAD guy in this scenario, the punk, is gone from this world; he can’t hurt anyone else. God Bless Officer Allen Jacobs and his family !! Our prayers are being said for all of you ! RIP !

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