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Homeowner Fined For Displaying Blue Lights For Fallen Officers

Homeowner Fined For Displaying Blue Lights For Fallen Officers

A veteran police officer and trainer was recently fined by his Home Owner’s Association for flying a flag in front of his home that depicts a thin blue line and blue lights that honor fallen police officers. The Colorado Officer, who has asked not to be identified, routinely placed a thin blue line flag and blue lights (above) in front of his home to honor each fallen officer, was notified today that his display of the flag violated a provision in the home owner guidelines that he could not display “holiday lights” when there was not a holiday.

According to the officer, “the Blue Honor Lights are illuminated when a law enforcement officer is killed in the line of duty. The lights remain illuminated until the law enforcement officer’s funeral. Believe me, a police officer is no ‘holiday’ as was indicated in the violation letter.”

Despite the officer displaying the lights at various times, over the last two years, it wasn’t until today that he was told that it was a violation.

He has appealed the $100 fine.

The Association, identified as “MSI, LLC” can be reached here: or 303.420.4433.


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