‘Blue Racism’ Is Real Claims NYPD Group

An article by Travis Yates from over a year ago titled, “The New Discrimination In America” drew both praise and criticism as it equated some of the behaviors and actions against law enforcement to modern day discrimination.

Well, if the cop haters didn’;t like that article, they are going to go nuts with what the NYPD  Sergeants Benevolent Association just did.

Angry at what they say is widespread discrimination leveled against their ranks, a group of police officers in New York City coined the term “Blue Racism” as a way to draw attention to the mistreatment they say they face at the hands of the public.

While a string of police-related killings over the last few years and the rise to prominence of groups like Black Lives Matter have shed light on the abuse some minorities face at the hands of law enforcement, the New York Police Department’s Sergeants Benevolent Association says they too have become victims.

“Cops are being shot at and killed just because they are cops,” Ed Mullins, the SBA president and a 36-year NYPD veteran, told Fox News. “Police are being made to be the bad guys and I’m not saying that there aren’t a few bad apples, but the majority of us are trying to help people and do our jobs.”

The SBA on Sunday released a video on “Blue Racism” in which the group describes how police officers have been systematically targeted for discrimination and how many people can’t look past the color of their uniform.

The roughly four-minute long video intersperses shots of law enforcement officers getting ready for patrol and helping elderly citizens with scenes from recent – and often times violent – demonstrations in response to police related-shootings.

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  1. ahaz

    I’m pro-union guy, but police unions take the cake. To have the nerve to equate a uniform to a person n color and the REAL discrimination that minorities go through every day is laughable, offensive and repugnant. Frankly, this video,does a fine job denigrating the very “boys in blue” they serve.

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