Black Police Officers Association Claims Police Chief Is Discriminating

Black Police Officers Association Claims Police Chief Is Discriminating

The Little Rock Black Police Officers Association sent a letter to the Little Rock City Board of Directors alleging racial discrimination by Police Chief Kenton Buckner.

In the letter obtained by Channel 7 News, the organization members are calling for an independent investigation into the “discrimination, inequities and disparaging treatment of minority officers and supervisors under the command of Chief Kenton Buckner.”

They’re also asking for Buckner to be disciplined if found to be not in compliance with policy, even including termination.

In the letter, they write that Buckner has displayed conduct unbecoming of a chief.

Sgt. Willie Davis is just one of the members that says Buckner has repeatedly shown he is not in support of minority officers.

The letter alleges discrimination against minorities for promotions and transfers as well as inconsistency in discipline procedure with white and black officers and supervisors.

Sgt. Davis says he’s been concerned with the chief’s treatment of African American officers for some time.

The letter claims that referential services and treatment is being rendered to predominately white neighborhoods.

Approximately 30% of Little Rock’s 500 police officers are black and it is not known how many of those black police officers belong to the organization or support the letter.

Sgt. John Gilchrist, president of the Fraternal Order of Police, says he disagrees with the allegations and there is no merit to them.

The letter comes after 25 people were shot in a Little Rock nightclub early on Saturday.

Here is the complete letter


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  1. Johnwesley Hardin

    First I would think that those that are accusing Police Chief Buckner of discrimination should stop and think about the name of this organization, “The Black Police Officers Association”. The very name in itself drives division in both the Police Department and the community. What if white Police officers in Little Rock created a “White Police Officers Association”? The outcry would echo across the Nation as RACIST.

    Blacks and other Minorities in this Nation are not pursuing equal treatment under the law, they were given that with the passage of the civil rights act and subsequent legislation that applies primarily to their color and creed, they now seek and are pushing hard to achieve preferential treatment in all areas and are in most cases embracing a socialist agenda to obtain it through acts of both Constitutionally protected activism, and if necessary illegal activity and violent protests.

    Maybe someone should look into the background of Mr. Vester, he is not a Little Rock Native and seems to express the qualities of a socialist activist.

    Again organizations like TBPOA are in itself part of the problem and as long as these groups pursue and insist upon division there will be no resolution to perceived issues.

  2. Patty Dulce

    Huh. This is the decade of the Black Police Chief. Just about every community is hiring a black chief as some sort of magic bullet to fix the phantom problems with the departments. Why isn’t this one working out?

    • LegalBeagle

      Because regardless of pigment, a lot of command/executive level officers have not been mentored properly, have had no development as a leaders; been promoted because they parrot the company line and tell the political powers what they want to hear. I have seen/heard/been exposed to stuff as a police legal advisor and consultant on legal stuff that is staggeringly unethical and far too often criminal, and calling them on it has been a great opportunity to practice refraining from my situational Tourrette’s.

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