Arizona Police Officer Shot, Suspect Transported To Hospital

Photo Courtesy:  @TempePolice/Twitter

A police officer and a suspect were rushed to hospitals after a shooting in Tempe (AZ) on Tuesday morning, according to a department spokeswoman.

AZ Central reports that the officer’s injuries were not life-threatening.  The suspect’s condition was not immediately available.

The shooting occurred on a residential street.

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  1. Robert V. Criss

    This has gone beyond insanity. Do you know what happens when too many are killed? Just like in the military when sending out troops to a hot zone and many don’t come back.
    As this continues, Officers will start to get more paranoid and tunnel vision will become more frequent on car stops. More and more will retire, quit or move into a lower risk position. The bar will drop due to demand. The public will see less tolerable and more aggressive type of Officer with less experience taught by good Cops.
    This will cause a great devide between the people and Law Enforcement. It’s leading up to a militant state, a goal of the exteam left socialist. The media is more responsible for the attack on L..E. Officers than any other outlet.
    I believe in frree speach, but when does it become liability when stories are made up or minpulated that causes death and injury. Where do we draw the line?

    • Jim N Kim London

      Like all battlefield obstacles you add manpower to retake or overwhelm the problem. You get back all ground lost and depending on the territory you might take a little more.
      Once calm is restored we stay and reaffirm the peace in the area under control.
      No quarter is given and none is lost,again.
      Community policing works pretty much in this way with the same officers there every work day. Same faces for the public to learn to trust again and then tell us of the actual problems. Sooner or later the crime falls, (we have locked up the bad ones) and peace returns full time. Then and only then reduce the ranks back to the norms.

    • chickief

      you forgot to mention slower response time.

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