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“In God We Trust” New Police Car Motto

“In God We Trust” New Police Car Motto
Credit: Pottawatomie County (OK)

Credit: Pottawatomie County (OK)

As the New Year gets into full swing, another law enforcement agency has added “In God We Trust” decals to their patrol vehicles. This time it is the Sheriff’s Office of LeFlore County in Oklahoma that made the decision.

According to LeFlore County Sheriff Rob Seale, after a lengthy and arduous approval process that took months to complete, the approval was passed down that allowed the decals to be added to patrol vehicles.

This is not the first Sheriff’s office to seek and be granted approval to add similar decals to their patrol cars. In November of last year, Oklahoma had a similar situation when decals were added to Creek County vehicles. According to the Creek County Sheriff John Davis, the “In God We Trust” motto is not simply a religious statement, but a patriotic one, because it is the national motto.

It is not just Oklahoma law enforcement agencies, either. In Texas the Childress Police Department made the decision to add “In God We Trust” to patrol cars. The Brewster County Sheriff’s office in Texas recently made a similar decision as well, adding decals in the shape of an outlined cross to the back of their deputy patrol vehicles. The decision in both of these Texas situations was supported by Governor Abbott.

States in addition to Oklahoma and Texas where local law enforcement agencies have made similar choices include Louisiana, Florida, and Missouri, and the trend does not seem like it will stop there.

Despite so many counties making the decision to add the motto to their vehicles, it has not gone without opposition. A very outspoken group known as the Freedom From Religion Foundation has called to have law enforcement agencies to remove the decals and mottos from the back of patrol vehicles.

Credit: Childress PD

Credit: Childress PD

In the case of Childress, Adrian Garcia of the Childress Police Department addressed the FFRF by denying the FFRF’s request to have the decals removed from vehicles, and telling the organization to “fly a kite”.

Even with FFRF presenting opposition, in LeFlore County, Sheriff Seale has stated that the general response from the community has been positive. According to the Sheriff, many citizens stating they are proud of the decision and are happy that the decals were added to the patrol cars.

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  1. TheGodless

    Besides this not being our original and real motto and the God motto being only a tool to divide us, it’s factually untrue and should say In God Some of Us Trust. In God We Trust was popularized during the Red Scare due to Americans being afraid of “godless commies”, but another fact is that being godless doesn’t make someone a commie and the only reason the motto is taken seriously today (just like the altered and fake version of the Pledge of Allegiance that includes One Nation Under God) is because religious right wing Christian theocrats have tried from the very beginning of our secular nation to force their religion into the government and into every American’s life. They’ve obviously had a lot of success due to most citizens being ignorant about our history and not wanting to bother to fight back against theocrats, but none of this changes the fact that our founders meant for our government to not intermingle with religion in any way.

  2. Chris Jennette

    I think it is a great idea and wonder why it took so long to do this. It is the nation’s motto and should be on all public vehicles, but especially law enforcement vehicles. I hope to see my own county adopt this soon.

  3. Wayne Ivey

    Similar to Hitler’s “God is with us” on military uniforms.

  4. Bev Hoffman

    Good for Texas. Wish Calif would do the same!!!

  5. Chaplain Dave Sparks

    I agree. This motto is also on our currency. If it offends anyone, they are invited to send it to me. That’s my contribution to a nationwide “safe environment™”. 🙂

  6. Esther Dickerson

    I agree with the decals added to the patrol cars. We the people of the United States are proud of their decisions. We are GOD loving people and if you want another religion its O.K. ,but don’t try to get your own pushed off on us. If it offends you, you can move to another country , one that allows your beliefs. We don’t want our children raised atheist.

    • 1withCosmos

      Your arrogance offends me when you say get out because I don’t think, believe, behave exactly like you do. This is just as much my country as it is yours even though we are nothing alike or thankfully will ever be. Each person is born non-theist and to believe something or nothing is every persons decision whether you like it or not, so get over it and your arrogant self. Your statements are you pushing your religion off on others. Don’t want others to do that to you then stop doing it to others.

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