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ACLU Challenges Captain After Viral Video

ACLU Challenges Captain After Viral Video

A video released earlier this week by Captain Clay Higgins of the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office has gone viral and has the ACLU suggesting the popular face of Crime Stoppers has gone too far.

In the video, Higgins, known as “the Cajun John Wayne,” directs a warning at the Gremlin Gang, a group of individuals that are wanted for criminal activity in Vermilion Parish. He explains that 10 suspected members have been arrested, but seven remain at large.

In the video, Higgins warns the wanted gang members that they will be brought to justice.

“If you raise your weapon to a man like me, we’ll return fire with superior fire. … I’ll meet you on solid ground anytime, anywhere, light or heavy, makes no difference to me. You won’t walk away,” he said.

And he urged the community not to live in fear of the gang and to come together to “take back” the streets.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana released a statement regarding the segment:

“While we support legal law enforcement and certainly are as concerned as anyone about violence in our neighborhoods, law enforcement officers must be aware of the implications of their public statements.  Assuming that what is reported is true, Mr. Higgins has suggested that those he seeks to arrest are subject to execution before trial.  The statement that there is a “bounty on their heads” harks back to lawlessness, when people were killed first and questions asked later.  That is not the way we operate in a free society, and regardless of Mr. Higgins’ opinions about the guilt of those he seeks to arrest, it is a felony to execute someone simply because you don’t like them.”

Higgins said Wednesday, his message is much larger than the fugitive gang members.

“We’re sending a message to Acadiana and the world, that a unified community need not cower from gang violence…..this is a unified statement of brotherhood and solidarity to tell the world we’re not going to tolerate that kind of activity in our community. This is about right versus wrong.”

The ACLU took specific issue with Captain Higgins calling the suspect’s “heathens.”

On Friday, Captain Higgins did a phone interview with “Walton & Johnson”, a national radio show, where he challenged the ACLU to a debate following their criticism.

“The ACLU has a point that they feel is righteous, and of course they’re wrong, but that’s subject for debate.  I invite them to that debate. I’d like to fill a 10,000 man hall in Baton Rouge.  Whoever authored that letter, whatever team authored that letter, I’m sure they’d be happy to debate me in a public forum. We can sell tickets. 10,000 of them at $10.00 a piece and raise $100,000 for charity. I can certainly generate 9,998 of my followers, and they can bring both of theirs, and we’ll have a healthy debate and let the American people decide.”


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  • ACLU opponent

    The aclu never said a word about black activists inciting violence against against the Police. Of course we know that suing them won’t further their agenda. I hope and pray that Donald Trump tries to get rid of the ACLU (I refuse to refer to them in capital letters, because it shows a certain level of respect) when he gets in office.How about their protests in NYC, where they were chanting “kill all racist cops”, I blame them for the murders of the two NYPD Officers last December. I will oppose the ACLU and black lives matter till the end of my life.

  • Police Fan

    Captain Higgins called them heathens, Well hoorah for him. He is absolutely correct. The fact that the ACLU is going after him does not surprise me. All members of the ACLU should have a “bounty on their heads” for treason”, research them. You will be truly shocked. I am a Sheriffs Explorer in Cochise County, AZ and I would be glad to have you working for our Sheriffs Office. Thank you for speaking out and calling them what they truly are.

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  • J.Hawkins

    What is wrong with what he said? Is it not the truth? Oh I know it’s because they are “African” Americans, so does that mean they shouldn’t be called out? Is it alright that they do the crimes? Every time a Black person is mention or not mention there is a up roar. White people are call white,no one fusses when called white, you do not hear of any other nationalty cry out so much. There are so many Black,White,Hispanic,Chinese,Korean,Irish,Italian and many,many others who are such wonderful,kind,giving,always ready to help,but you never hear Al Sharpton talking about that, He never speaks up for anyone else, who else only comes out to make a issue of the Academy Awards, who cares, Stop making it a racial nightmare,I never hear him do anything to make races come together. If you do things right, nobody will put you in jail,if you don’t run no one will chase you,if you are told to stop and put your hands up,if something is not right with their behavior, bring it up when you are safe, your chances of survival will be better if you are being respectful,this is my suggestion to all races

  • Col Jimm

    Folks, this is a safety issue. If someone had talked tough to these young men when they were children they might have studied, played ball, gone fishing or helped out at a homeless shelter. Why is their gang so obsessed with crime? Because their sports heros were obsessed with crime? Maybe their parents blew it with them because THEIR parents parents blew it with them and so on going back to the 60s. This was a choice and we all know how liberal democrats love choice. There are many, many black role models these young men could have chosen to emulate: Dr. King, Julian Bond, Joe Delpit, Kip Holden, President Obama, Colin Powel, Shirley Chisom, Condolesa Rice, Ben Carson, Thurgood Marshal, Joan Higginbothom, Denzel, Mae Jemmison and Clarence Thomas. (Notice, not one pro sports figure)

  • D. A. Mayer

    It is about DAMN time someone has the balls to rid Opelousas, & all of St Landry Parrish, of the criminal elk which has evolved there. I support you & your comrades 100% in your efforts.

  • D. A. Mayer

    It is about DAMN time someone in Opelousas has the balls to stand up against the criminal elk which has evolved in St. Landry Parrish. I was born & raised in Opelousas. I left at age 18 and only return to visit family. During the past 29 years since I have lived in Opelousas, it has become a town without hope, without prosperity, without a soul. The racial tension is palpable. The lack of respect for self and for thy neighbor is evident throughout the town. So, I applaud you Officer Clay Higgins & support you 100%. I wish you & your comrades much success in your efforts to clean up all of St Landry Parrish.

  • Avery Hart

    To hell with the ACLU. They are nothing less than a hate group that hates others who don’t agree with the constitution. I mean, seriously??? Ben Carson on ACLU hate list. We rest our case liberal socialist Marxist liberal freaks!!!

  • David Bullard

    ACLU We do no live in a free society, in two World wars, Korea Vietnam, the Gulf War and everyday we fight for our freedom and yes even against heathens in our own country. That’s putting it to you in a nice way, leave if you don’t like it !!

  • Rob Harlow

    ACLU are the ones giving criminal rights. Sometimes they have more rights than the victims.

  • John

    Need more men like Captin Clay Higgins and less people like Susan Herman!

  • sam clement

    So what’s your response, ACLU? Why am I hear crickets?

  • Richard Wood

    Can I clone Cpt Higgins? Love the man and proud he is on the side of all good people

  • Linda

    This is NOT about color, race, creed, politics, etc…This is about innocent folks being violated, harmed, murdered, etc…
    Who in their “right” mind believes these humanoids deserve anything but the views shared by Sir Higgins?!?!
    Shame on the ACLU!
    Kudos to Captain Higgins:)

  • William Cunningham

    The ACLU needs to get the WORD FREE out when they make statements in Reguards to this issue & I Commend the Captain for standing for the Public’s Safety, WTG Capt.

  • D.E. Clark

    From what I saw on Nancy Grace’s show on HLN, the ACLU person seemed to think there was some kind of “religious bias” in Capt. Higgins calling the suspects “heathens.” I think it’s pretty descriptive, and a helluva lot more polite than what I (and many other people) would call them.
    “I can certainly generate 9,998 of my followers, and they can bring both of theirs” is classic. I’d kick in $10 to watch that.
    There should be a waaaaaaaahmbulance standing by to drive the ACLU people to their “safe place” afterward.

  • Call them the way they act! To long have law abiding communities had to suffer gang violence and other criminal non-since because of gang bangers and other don’t know how to act or get a job to start the process of becoming men and contribute to society instead of being a burden on society.

  • Brian Johson

    Captain Higgins is a man standing up for his beliefs and his community. The ACLU is taking his speech and twisting it to fit their narrative. For example, they claim the Wanted Fugitives he is addressing will be executed. Their fate is up to them, he is plainly telling them that as a fact. What I read and heard Him say is that if they resort to violence then they, the police, will meet them with superior firepower. So, if the Gang members do the right thing and peacefully turn themselves in then no harm will come. Keeping in mind that the Police officers will still be hunting to arrest them because they are apparently Criminals, not Church going little kids. This is so typical of people like the ACLU or any other RACE BAITERS.

  • Tim Mabe

    Thank you Captain for standing up. I have been a law enforcement officer for over thirty years and during this time I have watched these groups like the ACLU do more harm to law enforcement by trying to make excuses for the reasons people commit crimes. Telling someone that we will hunt you down and that force will be met with superior force is stating a fact and by no means does it mean “Wanted dead or alive” as the ACLU tries to spin the Captains words. Good luck with trying to get the ACLU to debate on the issues. You stand a lot better chance for the thugs to surrender this week than to have the debate!!!

  • dave

    this officer has done nothing wrong he gave a warning you raise a weapon at us we will not hessitate to return fire,police lives matter ,all lives matter,but if your dumb enough to raise a weapon towards a trained officer sorry about your luck,we are going home you in a bag ,think before you dont have that option ,st clair ,county retired .i support sheriff higgins one hundred percent.

  • me

    ACLU is retarded. He said “if YOU raise a weapon, he will return fire”…Get it right assholes.

  • Ronnie

    Capt. Higgins please don’t just think 9,998 of St Landry will back you up 100,000 up here in Caddo, Bossier, DeSoto, Webster, and pretty much all of NWLA will come back you up. ACLU go ahead and bring your followers will trump you with SUPERIOR FOLLOWERS! Believe that!

  • Bill Kruger Von helorix

    I FUCKING love this guy. He is simply what this god forsaken over politically correct and sensitive country needs. HE IS AMAZING and the ACLU needs to shut the fuck up and go crawl into a hole with “black lives matter” and all the other people who are perpetuating racism in this country. Be colorblind and judge people on their character….

  • Mark L Perley

    CPT Higgins makes a lot of sense. I wish there would be more like him.

  • William E Mitchell

    I am on the side of the Law Enforcement Officer BIG TIME! I am 85 and sick of the way evil has been allowed to succeed in the greatest country in the world. Captain Higgins is right on and laying it out. GOD BLESS AND PROTECT LEOs.
    A Retired Sergeant Major wrote this.

  • Scott


  • Fred

    Hey ACLU find something better to do no one cares if a bunch of thieves and murderers get gunned down in the street. I doubt the victims of this gang had a say when they were being beaten and robbed.

  • Dave Schoenberg

    When these “heathens” start living by the laws laid down by our forefathers then and only then do they have a say on ANYTHING. well said sir.

  • JM Menace Krafka

    When I see ACLU I automatically hear “blah blah blah, etc.” It’s a pretty sad statement when the very name of an organization is that “thought-less” provoking. What is the ACLU’s position on celebrities uttering direct threats against law enforcement personnel? I don’t know, but I do know their position on a police Captain’s comment that he is going to put the rest of a group of criminals behind bars. Did that Capt use inappropriate language in his statement? Not when compared to some other Captain’s I’ve heard speak. My point in all of this? Piss off ACLU. We are not here to coddle criminals! We are tasked with enforcing laws not not the ever changing sensibilities of your union.

  • Robert E. Aviles

    Amen brother. The ACLU needs to remember they are supposed to look at issues unbiased and stop taking honest lawabiding citizens rights away. Maybe they have over stepped their authority.

    Robert E. Aviles

  • Audie

    I stand behind the officer 100% the ACLU sounds like they are for the gangs and if they were to go to trial some freaking idiot lawyer would get them off and back on the streets they talk about free we aren’t free anymore the court system is crooked anyway I think officers should beable to shoot a person that pulls a gun on them they are here to protect the good people not the ones that are harming people and stealing and also officers have families to go home to so now I have spoken my mind that is my right and to the people that didn’t like what I had to say oh well you have your own thoughts

  • I agree with TH cop “He Said ” if someone raises a gun towards us we will fire back HELL I DONT BLAME HIM cop or not if you raise a gun at me I’ll return fire

  • LawDog

    Your shirt in me right? ACLU represents what is wrong with America. If it was up to them, the police would have to ask permission before arresting someone, writing a ticket or firing their weapon. “Excuse me ACLU, but this guy is shooting at me, but I’m afraid I will be labeled a racist, is it OK if I return fire, or should I let him go so he can shoot at others. I mean I don’t want to offend anyone.” Wake up folks.

  • Tammy Tarver

    You said nothing wrong everything right.
    You gotta stand your ground.
    Appreciate your service. .

  • Jcd

    Two words ACLU…..Donald Trump


    “I can certainly generate 9,998 of my followers, and they can bring both of theirs, and we’ll have a healthy debate and let the American people decide.”

    I love this guy!

  • jerry A. Moore

    What are the ACLU thoughts and comments to the “Black Lives Matter” groups statements, protests, race comments and DEMANDS to KILL.

  • Charlie

    The ACLU can go the way of Beyonce, Al Sharpton, Pres Obama and the rest…where they belong!

    • Jean. Thank you for your courage. God bless all law enforcement we need help here in California like you. That ignorant Beyonce’ belongs in h e
      Double hockey sticks not America

  • Ed Van Buren (retired Deputy Sheriff)

    There was never a mention of execution before trial. And the ACLU’s comment about the bounty and referring that to when people were killed first and questions asked later are very typical of the ACLU’s way of trying to make something out of nothing. Warning these criminals about the consequences of their actions is going above and beyond, heck, they know what will happen if they resist arrest with a firearm. The ACLU should be held accountable for their false accusations and the lies they publish concerning Law Enforcement.

  • Gary

    I want Captain Higgins as our president. Hes got the guts that no one else is willing to show. A man like him in office, and I think our country will be good. If not him. I want a good cop who knows what they are doing and has a set of brass balls the size of Texas willing to run this country, a good head on their shoulders.

    #bluelivesmatter #alllivesmatter

  • Gary

    The message is loud and clear! Of course the ACLU, the worthless whiners that they are never flinched when the Black Lives Matter group advocated violence against LEO’s. That speaks volumes about the character of the organization.

  • John

    Captain Clay Higgins, you said the right thing! These thugs need to hear it just the way you put it!! No sugar-coating it to avoid pissing someone off… I agree with the Canadian gentleman when I say if you don’t like it then live amongst those thugs then tell me if you feel the same way!!! We need you in Durham, NC!!! More power to you!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!

  • Oscar andres

    Hey, skipper Higgins. Sign me up. And after we catch all those who terrorized ur community, please come up to Newark, New jersey. We have a couple of goons up here too who need an ass wopping.

  • Captain Clay Higgins of the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office.
    Dear Sir I am a Canadian and one of my regrets is you work where you do. Wish you were here.
    You said nothing wrong. If some people feel that way go live in an area with these scum bags and they will soon change their tune. God bless you and all officers of the law. i would stand along side any of you any day any time.

  • Steve Rossi

    Amen to you sir. I totally agree with you and feel you have done a great job informing your community on these matters. You should be proud as we are proud of the work you do. Thank you for your service.

  • Jason R.

    “A bounty on their heads” is the ACLU arguing point? Really? I guess all those citizens who got reward money for turning anyone in (even for giving tips to LE!) must have been disappointed they couldn’t use their ropes and pitchforks…

  • Dave Kane

    You tell em Clay!

  • Paul E. Donahue

    When the ACLU puts out some of their GARBAGE I hear ‘WE’ all the time. Just who in the hell are the ‘WEs’ who are talking. Who are the ACLU? It’s been said that 90% of Attorneys pay their ACLU due in fear of being ostracized from their ‘club’ and that the movers and shakers of the ACLU and products of NYU, Berkely, and other institutes of higher LIBERALISM. ACLU should be the first order of elimination in a decent society.

  • Michael O’Donnell

    The officer said” if you point a weapon at me I will use superior fire power” That sounds like a warning with consequences. ACLU is making use of free press it seems.

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