ACLU Calls For Campus Police To Be Unarmed

ACLU Calls For Campus Police To Be Unarmed

The American Civil Liberties Union recently posted on their website that school police officers should go unarmed because guns send a “negative message” to students. Senior policy advocate for the ACLU of Pennsylvania, Harold Jordan, says that resource officers at Pittsburgh city schools should be forced to continue working without guns, because there’s no evidence that arming them would increase safety.

“Having officers patrol the hallways with firearms sends a negative message to students,” Jordan said. “It makes many students feel that they are being treated like suspects. Places of learning are not security zones or criminal justice institutions, and they should not be staffed that way.”

Security expert John Rafferty said this “makes no sense,” since the school police officers in question are fully sworn, fully trained law enforcement officers.

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  1. bobwalton

    Armed cops help honest citizens feel safer.

    • ahaz

      I don’t agree with that assessment at all. I worry about the level of training, experience and judgement of every officer. In the US, all one needs to be given a badge and gun is 19 weeks of academy training and a high school diploma. Citizens should be concerned. But regarding the ACLU position, I agree. Not only because of the image concerns, but SROs are not adequately trained to interact with children and adolescents in an school environment. Because of the introduction of SROs, we have criminalized regular school age behavior, creating the school to prison pipeline. We know have SROs handcuffing children for talking back to teachers or acting up in school. Teenagers being charged with assault and attacked by officers. Additionally, discipline is now being handle by COPs rather than a the school administrators. I opposed the presence of SROs except in the most extreme circumstances. Frankly, if an SRO is required, they should never step foot near the classroom. They can do their job outside the building.

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