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‘A Minute For Your Fries’: How McDonalds Stopped A Killer

‘A Minute For Your Fries’: How McDonalds Stopped A Killer

The nationwide manhunt for Steve Stephens, who killed a man on Facebook, ended with a stop at the McDonald’s Drive Thru.

His attempted last meal…..The 20 piece McNugget Box and Fries.

The problem wasn’t the saturated fats but the fact that a McDonald’s employee recognized the killer and called the police.

It was at that point, the delay had to occur.

“It’s going to be a minute for your fries.”

We’ve all heard that statement but the anxiety that Stephens must have had at that moment would have been less joy than than that watered down one dollar diet coke he was sipping on.

Stephens, 37,  couldn’t wait for the fries and he didn’t want his money back.  After all, the police would catch up to him in a few minutes and the story of this monster would soon be over.

As police approached, Stephens killed himself.

While this last story of this coward may be amusing to some, may we remember his victim, Robert Godwin Sr. The 74 year old father of 10 was beloved by many and never deserved the fate that waited on him last Sunday.

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