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The New Discrimination In America

The New Discrimination In America

The history of America is wrought with evil and hate and I was painfully reminded of this after watching the excellent movie, Free State of Jones. It chronicles how blacks were treated in the years following their emancipation from slavery and while it stopped, that outward, public mistreatment would continue into the Civil Rights Era just a few decades ago.  How could that have occurred in America?

How could we justify not sitting next to someone in a restaurant because of what they looked like?

How could we justify denying someone access to resources because of what they looked like?

How could we call others vile and hateful names because of what they looked like?

How could we kill and/or hurt someone because of what they looked like?

I really can’t answer that question but I know this, hate and evil has not left this country.  We do see it today.  

We see police officers being spit on.

We see police officers being called pigs or even worse.

We see others refusing to sit next to a police officer.

We see the denial of equipment by our own government that can help police officers combat violence.

We see police officers being assaulted.

We see police officers being murdered.

And much of it, is just because they wear a uniform.

It is not my intent to demean the wrongs and injustices of minorities in America today.  Of course there are awful, hateful things that occur and when  we speak about discrimination of those in uniform, that also includes minorities.  In fact, I have seen some of the worse behavior committed against cops directed towards minorities in uniforms.

Las Vegas Metro Lt. Randy Sutton (ret) said it best.  “How truly sad that our nation is deteriorating morally and spiritually and those who defend her have become the news ‘second class’ citizen.”

From slavery to the KKK to Jim Crow Laws, nothing much has changed in this country.  We continue to hate and we continue to kill and the only difference now is we are doing it to those in uniform.  Just like the Slavery and the  Civil Rights Era, many good people rose up to defend our African American Citizens and through time, activism and the political process, we made great strides.  Those days are not over with but the target of hate has indeed moved towards are heroes in uniform.

It is time for our country to stand against it.




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Travis Yates Travis Yates is a writer and editor at Law Officer. His Seminars in Risk Management & Officer Safety have been taught across the United States & Canada. Major Yates has a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy. He is the Director of Training for SAFETAC Training.
  • Todd Duffey

    This wouldn’t happen in North Korea or China. Or Syria. Or Iran.
    They would put a stop to it!!

  • ahaz

    How dare you equate what millions of minorities, have experienced in the past and even today, to what police officers face today. At anytime, any police officer can take off their uniform. You don’t ever stop being black, Hispanic or Native American, Jewish or Muslim. If police department would admit that racism exists in their departments, that they are too violent and use too much deadly force, then the animus that the policing precession today would diminish greatly. You’re the same officer, that declared war on its citizens. You’re a disgrace.

    • Law Officer

      You are a liar. It’s that simple. The author of the article you mentioned, explained exactly what he meant in the article at the bottom because of liars as yourself. You may convince some of your lying rhetoric but commonsense citizens know better. Keep blaming the police and the root issues that plague our communities will continue. You are the problem.

      • ahaz

        I can read quite clearly, thank you very much. But in this particular article Yates said the following, “Those days are not over with but the target of hate has indeed moved towards are heroes in uniform.” Sounds like he thinks police are involved in a never ending struggle against discrimination. That police officers are being denied basic human rights. That police officers cant buy the homes they want because they face red-lining. Police don’t face any of that so cry that sob story somewhere else. I know some police departments and their supporters are very adept at marketing, making false equivalencies, and twisting the narrative to fit their own. That’s not flying here.

        And regarding the other article, Yates said no less that two times “We are at war”. He didn’t just limit his words toward the suspected criminal, who are citizens BTW, he pointed them toward everyone that was critical of current police policies. From President Obama, to celebrities, to anyone who feels police are too militarized, to LE’s latest favorite whipping boy, BLM. It was only after the Chief was called out on his declaration did he try to backtrack them. Yates said the following in his backtracking “The “war” that I speak about is against evil individuals that are preying on our law enforcement officers” So once again, what are the evils that he is referring. He didn’t specifically say it was the criminal that was targeting police…what did he mean? He didn’t retract anything specific from his original posting….so again, Who are police at war with? Those that want improved policing in this country? Those who think police don’t do enough to avoid use of deadly force? Those who want to police return to their public safety role instead of acting as revenue agents? Who is police at war with? Police aren’t qualified or tasked with fighting foreign enemies, so I can only conclude that Yates truly believed what he originally wrote. Police are at war and the enemy is us.

        • Law Officer

          Did you happen to see the news in recent weeks where men with assault rifles were killing cops? Our author specifically clarified that at the end of the article and in the public forum you mentioned. You said it yourself. “Against evil individuals that are preying on law enforcement.” Read into that what you want but we can’t help you understand what anyone with common sense would. In case you are still clueless. We will clarify again…..The article referenced evil people attempting to kill police officers. It still won’t matter to you. We know that and thank you for showing others that this article, is accurate.

  • Windell Clark

    in 10 Cops are bad – its human nature. If 9 Cops protect the bad
    actions of the 1 cop then everyone will assume all 10 are bad. The Law
    Enforcement field is honorable and is needed in society but if it cannot
    correct and police itself or clean itself out – It will always have
    issues. When will the Police “Police” the Police? Add Social Media and greedy news footage for rating on top of that and you have a wildfire of Anti-Police rhetoric like we have. Again – only a small percentage of Cops are bad but with the “Blue Wall of Silence” and bad Cops RARELY getting fired and the ones that do go to work for other agencies it will not stop anytime soon.

  • disqus_NoPfvDt8A2

    It is educational reading these comments from the pro-racism, pro-brutality cop-loving segment of our society.

    Makes me more sure than ever that cops and the “people” who blindly support these uniformed thugs who terrorize citizens should never be trusted.
    They do not have “protect and serve” anywhere on their list of things to do each day.

    • laughing tyger

      It sounds like you’re probably struggling with one or more of the following issues …

      A. You’re a badly trained driver who doesn’t know it and have had numerous contacts/tickets due to your bad driving (very common among cop-haters, we NEED a massive roll out of Driver’s Ed in this country)


      B. You want to be an Officer but for what ever reason(s) you can’t be….criminal record, intellectual problems, morally compromised, physically not up to par, large debt, terrible temperament etc… also very common for cop-haters .. it’s why so many of them have Criminal Justice degrees)


      C. You want to date and/or marry a LEO but can’t for above reasons … again very common. If you listen to cop-haters and study their propagnada – it becomes clear: If only an Officer had “taken one for the team” all those years ago, and thrown Easy E a bone & boned him (pre AIDS)… we wouldn’t be where we are today…

  • Young Werther

    Don’t depend on everything you see coming out of Hollywood to be the truth. What would be American’s need to see more and more of this kind of one-sided race baiting history by Hollywood? It only makes whites feel guilty for slavery because it is reinforced by education and other books and movies; more indoctrination and dogma of irrationality and is the cheapest and lowest of tricks against humanity in the guise of entertainment. Movies like this are manipulation and they only serve to cause many blacks to come out of the theater wanting to kill a cop especially if s/he is white. One can take a tiny bit of truth and bring about a tremendous and lasting amount of damage. Otherwise why would you need to start off by talking about this movie and the KKK, and Jim Crow and SLAVERY when black militant nationalists of many hundreds of organizations dream of killing cops? I don’t get it.How can you be so naive? Don’t you realize how long the targeting of cops by these kinds of groups have been going on? I kept wondering when you were going to get down on your knees and beg to be forgiven for slavery in America. Please, don’t take this too personally…I am just shocked and taken by surprise to find it written here of all places. You are not responsible for the KKK, American Slavery of Blacks and Whites in the past,the CSA and the Civil War or Jim Crow in both North (de facto) and South…get over it and stay away from those mind gaming movie pieces of propaganda.

    • Young Werther

      Far out…taking it on the chin.

  • pen44

    Face it, hate is hate. For some of us, life isn’t complete unless there is someone to hate. And, it’s time for us to stop it….stand against it. This is discrimination and racism…and yes, blacks can definitely be racists. Racism is when you hate someone because of something that they have no control over…the color of the skin they were born with. I remember the hate for Japanese, then the hate for the Vietnamese refugees….racist because they were a “different color”. All I can say is this BLM could never have happened without the racism of Obama and Eric Holder.

    • Sharon


    • Young Werther

      I don’t hate anyone. Pearl Harbor was before my time but as far as Japanese, Germans, and Italians during WWII it is best not to love one’s enemies or one is destined to die. Know your enemy, be able to identify those who wish and seek to kill you. BLM is an inherited movement in a sense and it is the same as always, merely the tactics and names have changed a little.

  • ZynWoof

    Agreed. Time to stand against the discrimination against the innocent peace-keepers! Discrimination, and the hatred it inspires, flows both ways not just from White to other nationalities.

    • Young Werther

      If my post isn’t removed before daylight today I was saying the same thing above.