Sheriff Responds To Misleading Information in Drowning Incident

Pinellas  County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri’s responds to the media in regards to questions about the deaths of three girls on March 31, 2016.

He calls the media’s release of only portions of the video as “misinformation” and a “false narrative” with “irresponsible rhetoric.”

“some media outlets only played one portion of one portion of one video of one deputy who happened to be on a perimeter and it was very misleading.”

On behalf of law enforcement, thank you Sheriff Gualtieri for your leadership and words that serve as an encouragement to law enforcement across the country.

The video in question can be seen here.

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  1. Gwendolyn F. Cooksey

    I heard what he said so, because the unfortunate kids had a record that was a reason for their death sentence by responding officers….wow a question. would the response hve been different if they were white teenagers. I think so.

    • Katrina

      Please tell me Gwendolyn that you are not as stupid as you sound. Listen again. No mention of color was made.

    • Mariah Page

      STFU Gwendolyn. You’re an ignorant moron. Obviously you DIDN’T hear what he said. YOU are part of the problem!! At no point does he say anything about race. Get a hobby, find something to do with your brain instead of make ignorant comments.

    • Merrill Henderson

      Unfortunate? No officer held a gun to their heads and forced them to steal yet another vehicle. No officer implored them to run from the police when they were discovered driving down the road. No officer compelled them to drive off the road and into a pond. Now explain to me how the same officers that tried to get into the water to save them placed a death sentence on them! Yes, the response (from the media and community) would have been different as they all screamed about how terrible it is for whites to be thieves while blacks are victims.

  2. V_Triol

    Bless Sheriff Gualtieri and all LEOs who continue to “fight the good fight” against repeated waves of idiots beaching themselves on logic.

  3. Amy

    The problem isnt the LEO its the kids and their parents,

  4. ImTheNana

    Social media mentality, wanting to know if they took pictures to prove bad reporting was wrong. SMH.

  5. Charles

    Medias always print half of story as they try to make POLICE LOOK BAD

  6. JannaR

    Media’s motto….”If it bleeds, it reads.” They don’t give a crap who they’re hurting, as long as they sell papers, and first to break the news. Portraying police officers in a bad light is ‘in style’ right now, because millennials and Bernie Bombers hate the police. The media knows it, and they gleefully fan the flames. I back the Blue. I have the utmost respect for them.

  7. Greg Kamer

    This is how the media works. They will only report to the public the aspects of a situation that fits their agenda. Fair and balanced reporting is nothing more then rhetoric with no meaning to them. In their minds, news is only what we say it is, not what is actually is.

  8. Katrina

    Just one example of how far irresponsible people will go in order to make law enforcement look bad. And it starts with irresponsible media. Those parents should be charged with the cost of recovering the car and the damage done by it when it left the road. When underage kids commit the same crimes over and over, they should be put into adult court and thrown into prison. Apparently all these programs meant to rehabilitate them aren’t working. Either the parents need to take responsibility to make it stop, or they need to be locked up to prevent it from happening.

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