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Police Department Donates Cars To Louisiana Agency Following Floods

Police Department Donates Cars To Louisiana Agency Following Floods

Mountain Brook (AL) police are showing their support for Louisiana law enforcement affected by the devastating floods.

Mountain Brook Chief Ted Cook approached the city council at their Aug. 22 meeting with a special request for his counterparts dealing with severe, widespread flooding in Louisiana.

Cook said the police department originally intended to fundraise to buy cleaning supplies and other materials to send to departments around Baton Rouge, Louisiana. However, he heard about officers buying used cars to continue patrolling after their police cruisers were destroyed in the floods.

The MBPD has two cruisers that are currently unused and were already planned to become surplus and sold. Instead, Cook asked the council to donate the cars to the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The council approved the “sale” of the two cruisers for $1 to the Louisiana department.

Police write that they hope the two units, which are almost completely outfitted for patrols, will help the parish deputies.


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