NYPD Chief: Clinton Has Our Back

“There is a great deal of concern about the fear permeating the country right now,” he said Thursday in Manhattan, according to The New York Daily News, after a two-hour meeting with the Democratic nominee and other top cops from around the nation.

“In terms of law enforcement, she has a lot of experience in that area and a lot of great ideas.”

Bratton, who is retiring next month, also mocked Donald Trump’s claim that he is the law and order candidate and better for police than Clinton.

“He’s the law and order candidate?” Bratton asked of the GOP’s presidential nominee. “What is he proposing? What is his experience? What are his ideas? I just don’t know. I haven’t heard any.”

Clinton met with Bratton and other top law enforcement officials earlier Thursday. Others at the meeting included Bratton’s successor, James O’Neill; Charles Beck of the Los Angeles Police Department; and former Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey. Participants representing law enforcement agencies from Arizona, New Jersey, Texas and Washington state were also present.

NYPD spokesman Peter Donald said Thursday that Clinton requested the meeting, according to the New York Daily News.

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  1. Spk the Truth

    Bill Bratton is on the CLINTON PAYROLL!!! It was announced by the media when they heard about this shit show!!!

  2. Spk the Truth

    He is joining a Clinton owned business in the next months and her meeting with him is nothing but a bullshit show trying to get his support for being hired. I have no respect for any Law Enforcement Chief that would back Hillary Clinton after all the paid protesters that have injured officers nationwide! What a joke he is!

  3. Katarina

    Does she think putting the top brass to work for her will get her the votes of the actual men and women who enforce the law? The ones in uniform who aren’t allowed at her rallies? Not only is Hillary corrupt and a liar, I am beginning to think she also has mental issues. She is Nucking Futs!

  4. Sharon G.

    Your right, she’s got a hell of a lot of experience only it is in breaking the law. Have you looked at the support you have NOT received from her? You are definitely a moron.

  5. nobody


  6. Brian

    I notice they are upper brass that Clinton met with. As often is the case, there is a wide philosophical gap between the street Cop and upper levels as to policing. Upper levels play politics and tie the hands of the street cop and, sadly once you become part of the “command” staff, you convenient or selectively forget how “things” work on the street. Please and thank you don’t work. Clinton has no street cops’ back. TRUMP 2016!

  7. MKrokus

    “In terms of law enforcement, she has a lot of experience in that area and a lot of great ideas.” I’m just wondering, what experience in law enforcement does she have?

  8. Dale Harden

    I would strongly advise researching Bratton before you take his word at face value. He has jumped jobs like a fish(BIG flag to me)…NYPD, LAPD, USIS/Altegrity, NYPD, etc, etc. While he was CEO of USIS(which by the way is no longer in business as Federal Government shut them down), USIS was under continuous investigation for not providing accurate background investigations. Don’t know Bratton personally but key factor here….he is leaving NYPD for job with company that Clinton controls(look it up). Not a bad way to get endorsement from Bratton huh? And most people that do not research his background will take his endorsement on face value due to his position. Here is an idea, go ask NYPD and LAPD Officers their thoughts on Bratton. I would tell you mine but not appropriate for this type forum. Basically, Bratton is a politician and will tell you exactly what you want to hear

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