Milwaukee Proves Why We Can’t Win

Police officers are watching what is happening in Milwaukee and they all know the same thing…..We Can’t Win.

Policing In America is not an athletic event but if it was, the game would not be fair.

A fair game would wait for the facts.

A fair game would not demonize an entire profession.

A fair game would not take the side of the mouthy and violent few.

In a fair game, those that worked hard, trained and cared would have the advantage.

The riots in Milwaukee are a stark reminder that very little is fair  in American Policing.  You can do the right thing, protect the life of others, fight crime in an effort to let people live in their neighborhoods in peace and none of that will matter.

The bad guy can run, he can have a gun, be a career criminal and he can point it and none of that matters.

It is time for law enforcement to regain the advantage in a game that has been rigged against them.  If we don’t, the real losers will be the communities that we serve.

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Robert Johnson is a 20 year veteran law enforcement officer currently working at a large metropolitan agency. His assignments have included narcotics, gangs and training. He joined Law Officer in 2017 as an Associate Editor.




  1. ahaz

    What people fail to recognize is that this shooting incident, like Freddie Gray, Eric Gardner, Michael Brown were just sparks that ignited the fuse. I’m familiar with the situation in Milwaukee and you have a condition where the majority of blacks live in poverty and in the poorest neighborhoods. Secondarily, those neighborhoods are subject to the most aggressive policing, bordering to what was reported in Baltimore. If you are a black male living in those communities, you have a target drawn on your back. People in those communities feel oppressed, targeted and when you have an incident where a citizen is killed by police, combined with previous incidents like Dontre Hamilton, riots unfortunately happen. I’m not justifying it, there are better ways to express anger, but i understand why it happened.

    • Steel Fulcher

      To comment on your remarks, to state that black males in those communities have targets on their backs, and in the same reference of policing, don’t twist the statistics to fit your agenda. They are more likely to have a target on their back from being shot, assaulted, or robbed by other black males in their own neighborhood! This is because of the need for the “I am the man” syndrome, and because they are poor, they do what they do to take from others to gain for themselves. Another fact, they are not working, they are using welfare, WIC, and other government handouts as their career. What would happen if they volunteered and put their efforts into cleaning up their neighborhoods while waiting between jobs? What would happen if they stopped adding more and more and more babies into non-married households? As far as the police being in their neighborhoods more often, its a simple fact, there is more crime, assaults, domestic assaults, sexual crimes, and illegal drugs in their neighborhoods, period! I can tell you from personal experience, after a number of years in police work, 70% of our 9-1-1 calls came from citizens requesting help in those neighborhoods, and 2/3’s of our officers on patrol spent their entire shifts working those calls in their neighborhoods and we still received calls from citizens in those neighborhoods on top of that stating “If I was in a white neighborhood, you’d be over here now” and you could not tell them that 16 of the 20 patrolling officers were already working calls in their neighborhood……by the way, there are other citizens that we are responsible for as well, not just your neighborhood!!

  2. Cap Black

    I SUPPORT law enforcement as an urban stakeholder surrounded by career criminals & enablers. I invite urban hostages to join me in creating safety together. Supporting police is a key element of creating safety. Here’s my article on the consent decree ordeal our local police department endures: #NOPD Aren’t Nazis #CapBlack.

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