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Law Enforcement: The Ultimate Safety Pin

Law Enforcement:  The Ultimate Safety Pin

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In the wake of Donald Trump’s election, many groups in the United States, including African Americans, Muslims and women, are feeling scared and uneasy.

I won’t go into the absolute nonsense of that feeling and by feeling that way, it just shows you that that media is successful in controlling the thoughts and fears of some Americans.  Last Tuesday proved that it was just “some”.

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After all, it’e easy to call Donald Trump and his supporters racist, bigoted, homophobic and xenophobic.  It’s much harder to actually prove it.

Despite that, some Americans have opted to wear ‘safety pins’ in an effort to show others they are there for them if they are fearful for what is to come.

It seems that the ‘safety pin’ is their ‘safe place’.

For law enforcement, we know the safety pin in real life.

When citizens are victimized or scared or lost, who do they call?  They call law enforcement.

When black citizens are victimized by the brutal gang violence happening in our inner cities, who do they call?  They call law enforcement.

When homosexuals are the targets of hate crimes and sickening violence as we saw in Orlando, who do they call?  They call law enforcement.

When Muslim Americans recognize terror activity or victimized by hate crimes, who do they call?  They call law enforcement.

When Black Lives Matter groups needs help and security, who do they call?  They call law enforcement.

pinpoliceDo you understand the theme here?  The most insulting thing I have heard in years is when I am asked if certain “lives matter” to me or my brothers and sisters behind the badge.

Are you kidding me?

When gunfire erupts in a neighborhood, who goes quickly? Law enforcement does.

My own wife lost her dad at the age of 4 because as an Oklahoma State Trooper, he cared for the citizens enough to give up his life.  She has spent over two decades sitting at home while I’m at work, understanding the dangers of the job because we do care.

Do you want to know how to make the job of a peace officer safer?  It’s when they don’t care so what do you think these line of duty deaths mean?

It means that law enforcement not only cares but they care enough to die for it.

If there was one group that should never be questioned on whether they care about everyone, it’s law enforcement.

We literally give our lives for that cause.

So I say go ahead and wear your little safety pins.  I hope it makes you feel good about buying into more lies and deception from our mainstream news media and while you do that, know this.

If you really need help or you really feel threatened, there is one group that will be standing and waiting to help you regardless of race, color, creed, sexual preference or national origin.

It is the American Police Officer.  Our safety pin is on and we are always ready to help.



About The Author


Travis Yates is a writer and editor at Law Officer. His Seminars in Risk Management & Officer Safety have been taught across the United States & Canada. Major Yates has a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy. He is the Director of Training for SAFETAC Training.


  1. Jose Ortiz

    The wearing of the safety pin is not an attack on law enforcement, its a sign of solidarity with groups that feel threatened by the political rhetoric. As a law enforcement professional I would be willing to advocate the use of the safety pin, irregardless of our personal political affiliations, there is this little thing called the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics. We are here to serve, we are here to protect. I am disappointed to read this article, shows a lack of leadership and sounds like a tantrum instead.

    • Timothy Haven

      Could not have said it any better!!!!

  2. OregonCopper

    I think you missed the opportunity to do something semi-cool. If it would help one person, just one person, then I’d happily place that safety pin right next to my name plate. If that’s the symbol some people are looking for, and if that’s what we stand for, why not embrace it?

    I think I’ll go grab a safety pin after work and give these folks a visual reason to believe that I’m there for them, if that’s what they need.

    • Jose Ortiz

      Exactly! This is a golden community outreach opportunity, one that we are missing and then we wonder why the public dislikes us.

  3. Rhonda Rout-Eblin

    This story isn’t true. BLM protestors do NOT call law enforcement. They are protesting law enforcement.

    • Law Officer

      They actually do all the time….so they can be protected from those protesting them. Ironic isn’t it?

      • Rhonda Rout-Eblin

        I think I misunderstood this. I get what you are saying.

  4. ahaz

    I’m not sure what the purpose of this article is. While I’m not particularly enamored with the “safety pin movement”, it’s in response to a candidate that actively exploited the worst in America to get elected. We now have a President-elect with significant ties to the “alt-right” and white nationalist movements. As you recall, Trump was Birther-in-Chief and leveraged this racist behavior to gain a strong following in rural America. Sadly, if you are a minority in this country, there are legitimate reasons to be concerned with his most virulent supporters and potential policies that may come from his administration. I share some of those concerns. I’m also curious about the lies the author perceives the media to be spreading, for approximately 18 months, the Trump campaign stated they wanted to ban Muslims from entering the country, wanted to create deportation squads, had supporters actively use hateful language toward all minorities and even Jews.

    The other part of this article which I question are the things that police are paid to do. Officers are paid to respond to calls. Officers are paid to run toward gunfire. Officers are paid to police communities in a constitutional manner. I’m certain that an overwhelming number of those officers care deeply about the communities they police. I’m also certain that a good number of officers would be quite content abuse their authority when they encounter a minority. The author stated “If you really need help or you really feel threatened, there is one group that will be standing and waiting to help you regardless of race, color, creed, sexual preference or national origin.” Unfortunately, too many Americans don’t share that belief justifiably. So, we need to remain vigilant against the forces that would further institutionalize discriminatory behavior in our country’s law enforcement institutions. Trump is one of them.

    • Law Officer

      We missed you AHAZ! As we recall, Trump simply asked for the birth certificate. Why it took so long, who knows? I could produce mine in about 5 minutes and you really should check other sources than CNN. Trump simply said that he would temporarily stop people flowing into this country until he could make sure that proper background checks were done. This wasn’t said in a vacuum. He said it after some high profile terror attacks on our soil where a simply background check could have prevented the suspects from being here.

    • Sonar

      Trump called for deportation of everyone in America illegally with a criminal record and or ties to terrorism. This is something that was happening on a regular basis prior to obama being POTUS. Due to his views Obama tied the hands of our immigration officers by preventing the deportation of illegals with the exception of those caught at the border. Illegals that had made it past the border were given a free pass even if they were guilty of criminal acts.
      Trump just wants to allow immigration service officers to freely do their job instead of tying their hands. They would be allowed to deport people that are here illegally with criminal records, people that are found to have ties to terrorist organizations and people that are here past the expiration of their visas. We have millions of illegals that have criminal records for violent crimes that range from assult all the way to murder. Those guilty of crimes such as production of fake documents, identity theft and other felonies would also be included.
      As to shutting down the flow of muslims into America, this would be until a system could be set up to verify their identities to prevent islamic radicals from entering the states. This is just a common sense step to protect the American people. Obama refused to admit that people of islamic faith could be associated with terrorism and had all references of this scrubbed from government publications including those of the military, FBI, CIA and the rest of the law enforcement agencies. This view of islam has allowed members of ISIS, Al-Qaeda and the muslim brotherhood to filter into America over the last eight years. They have entered via illegally crossing our Southern border and as refugees. The individuals and mosque that support these terrorist organizations need to be identified and removed.
      While this is taking place the government will be working to streamline the process to legally enter America. This process has been a nightmare for years making it extremely difficult if not impossible for people to get here through proper channels. This is one of the reasons most people try to enter illegally.
      Personally I believe that any person that enters America through a refuge program or other means needs to assimilate into our culture. Once here if they plan on staying they need to get a job and work towards legal citizenship. If not they don’t need to be here.

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