Hillary Clinton Wants “Positive Gangs”

Hillary Clinton Wants “Positive Gangs”

Sheriff Clarke responds to Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton when she says that being in a gang can be “positive.”

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  1. spike

    The democrats will not take responsibility for the awful policies that destroyed the black family and led to multi-generations of welfare families. It was “affordable housing” that became the horrible “projects”. The Aid to Dependent Children” in which you collect for each child as long as there is no able bodied male in the home. They need to own up and set a time-line and withdraw from that sort of thinking – they made the black community dependent on “them” and I hate to think it, but it does seem like they want to keep “their voters” right where they are! Any sort of help should have a start time and an end time when the ones involved know how long they have to right their ship.

    • Matt Stinson

      Don’t forget about the war on drugs.

  2. Katrina

    The other positive groups are there and always have been. Does she really think that her saying this and pandering for votes with it is going to have those kids make different decisions? “I have spoken, it shall be so?” Hillary and Bernie should both ride off over the rainbows of their utopia on their unicorn steeds.

  3. Judi Youdelis Hinton

    the cop is saying the exact same thing she said, what is wrong with him

  4. Judi Youdelis Hinton

    so much stupidity, Go Hillary!

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