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Courageous Leadership With Travis Yates

Courageous Leadership With Travis Yates

Our friends over at Blue Lives Radio and Randy Sutton interviewed our very own Travis Yates on the topic of police leadership and courage.

Yates has a book of the same name coming out later in 2017 and he announces this project for the first time on Randy’s show.

This is both a challenging time and a moment in time when that age old fight of good vs evil takes center stage. Yes, this is the moment when we can and must redefine the LAW ENFORCEMENT COMMUNITY. Perhaps some would argue that the cards have been stacked against the forces of good – but make no mistake this is the moment when ‘true leadership’ rises to the top. It’s the time when LEADERSHIP finds the courage to stand tall on principle and redefine the rules of the game. Join us in this weeks episode of Blue Lives Radio as I, Randy Sutton, interview Major Travis Yates on a number of challenges facing the American law enforcement officer.


It’s been a deadly and incredible year and the stakes have never been higher for the law enforcement community. It’s been my privilege to bring you the latest and most up to date information and insight into a profession that has been decimated these past couple of years. I started Police Radio with the intent to inform as many Americans as humanly possible about not only the dangers, but the opportunities that will arise to defend this great profession. As we open a new year, a year that will redefine the role we all play, I feel it is timely that we re-title ‘officially’ the name of our show to BLUE LIVES RADIO, The Voice of American Law Enforcement. And with that, I am truly excited to have on a real police hero, Major Travis Yates who not only speaks about Police Leadership and Courage, but a man who embodies the meaning behind those words.

Photo Courtesy:  USA Today


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