Police Officers Respond To Support Girl’s Lemonade Stand

Police Officers Respond To Support Girl’s Lemonade Stand

A 3-year-old girl with an affinity for law enforcement attracted such a police response to her lemonade stand over the weekend that it might have startled the neighbors.

Hannah Pasley started selling lemonade Friday during a yard sale with her parents to earn enough money to buy a child’s police uniform, according to the Kansas City Star.

“I love police,” Hannah told the Star. “I’m going to be a police officer when I get big.”

She needed just a little more money, so she sold more lemonade on Saturday. She raised enough money by the middle of the day and went to buy her police outfit.

The first officer appeared about a half-hour later. About six more patrol cars, with their lights on, headed down the street soon afterward. Sheriff’s deputies, police, K-9 and mounted officers all arrived, about 50 in all. A helicopter even flew overhead.

Hannah wore her uniform again on Sunday, showing off patches from different police agencies that she got from officers who visited her lemonade stand. She was even offered a tour of a police station.

“It’s incredible. They went above and beyond expectations,” Amber Pasley, Hannah’s mother, said. “We were just hoping for one officer, and we just got so many … She will never forget this — ever.”

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