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Police Officer Fulfills Woman’s Dying Wish

Police Officer Fulfills Woman’s Dying Wish

A New Jersey police officer recently helped a stranger with terminal cancer fulfill her wish of seeing the Jersey Shore one more time before she dies.

Burlington City resident Patricia Kelly – who is in hospice care with a terminal diagnosis of acute leukemia – recently told her family that she would like to “go to the shore” one last time before she dies.

Knowing that the 78-year-old Kelly would not be able to get onto the beach by herself, a family member reached out to the Ship Bottom Police Department for help. reports that on Saturday, Ship Bottom Patrolman Ronald Holloway drove Kelly to the water’s edge where she enjoyed a moment with granddaughters looking out at the water, a group hug with family and friends, and a prayer circle that Holloway took part in.

facebookshoreThe generosity of the Ship Bottom Police Department and Patrolman Holloway touched Kelly’s family members, who shared the story social media.


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