Blacks Lives Matter Tries To Stop Police From Protecting School Kids

Black Lives Matter of Cincinnati recently launched a campaign to force police officers from patrolling local public schools.

The “CPD out of CPS Campaign,” led by members of BLM Cincinnati, is holding an event Saturday to remove the Cincinnati Police Department from Cincinnati public schools (CPS), reports Fox 19.

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“We believe schools …, especially for people of color and poor neighborhoods, resemble more of a prison then places of education,” Mario Martone, a member of the BLM chapter, told Fox 19.

The event plans to feature a teach-in on the “school to prison pipeline,” according to the group’s Facebook event. The group will reportedly discuss how schools look more like prisons than education facilities.

“We believe schools should be a place of liberation geared toward disrupting the status quo rather than an engine for maintaining it,” the event page reads. “The constant harassment by police and the zero-tolerance policies towards our students are central in criminalizing, rather than uplifting, our children.”

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  1. Baffled215

    You clueless people. It should be a place for education and not social agenda pushing. Social agendas don’t get jobs….science does.

  2. stop crying

    When you have a bunch of Black kids, it is like a prison.

  3. Ken Largent II

    I believe that schools request police officers as a result of an increase in criminal behavior. Schools that have no history of violent behavior by students simply don’t have police officers. I believe that if folks don’t like having police officers in their children’s’ schools then they ought to teach their children to behave in a civilized manner. I really wish that it were not necessary to have cops in schools, but the alternative is to arm my student for self-defense – do you really want your thug son or daughter to be killed by my well trained marksman son or daughter when mine feel threatened by yours? Think on that before you post stupid shit about cops in schools.

    • ahaz

      Seriously? When did we allow you types out of the hills.

  4. ahaz

    I agree wholeheartedly. Police in schools does more harm to the students than good, feeding the school to prison pipeline. I would be more supportive of the concept of officers in schools IF THEY FOCUSED ON PROTECTING CHILDREN FROM THREATS LIKE ACTIVE SHOOTERS AND THE LIKE,cbut instead, they end up criminalizing kids for being kids. GET THEM SRCs OUT!!!.

    • Law Officer

      What about police in schools that are there to protect them, teach them and mentor them? That is the only capacity we have ever seen them in.

      • ahaz

        We don’t need cops to mentor our children, that’s what parents are for. You forget that at anytime, a child can be assaulted and arrested under the color of law for behavior that was handled by school administrators when we were growing up. Police didn’t start showing up regularly in schools until after events like Columbine. Scared parents thought they were protecting their children, but in reality exposed them to the very same militarized behaviors that are seen on the streets. COPS aren’t trained to deal with children or adolescents in a school environment and they should be there unless extreme circumstances require it.

  5. stop crying

    That’s because the kids act like convicts.

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