Baltimore Residents Beg Police To Protect Their Neighborhoods

As Justice Department civil rights lawyers held a meeting to talk about overhauling the Baltimore police department, another group of Baltimore residents gathered to beg the police to fix the crime in their neighborhoods.

The meetings show a disconnect between those who are concerned about crime and those worried about police reform, reports the Washington Post. Neither group was aware the other one was meeting.

About 40 people, most of them older black women, gathered in a West Baltimore church basement to ask police to return order to their community.

A gas station owner whose parking lot had been taken over by loiterers begged for help; a 17-year old was also fatally shot there. Another man asked about the foot patrol officers that were promised to the community.

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  1. ahaz

    What is the author trying to portray here? Yes, the citizens of Baltimore want police in their community. Want they don’t want is the predatory, racist and anti-constitutional policing their department has been doing for decades. First BPD made a farsical attempt to implement zero-tolerance policing and ended up arresting over 100K residents per year. Many of those arrested weren’t even charged. The police created this process where citizens were arrested, placed in jail and then released without charges. They called it arrest abatement and this is documented fact. These were some of the types of arrests they were making, arrests for spitting on the street, arresting a 7 year old for sitting on a dirt bike, arresting an old man in a wheelchair drinking a beer in his front yard. Arrests like those didn’t make the community safer and exacerbated the problems that many poorer communities already faced, and created a siege mentality in the community, mostly black parts of the city. You could literally get arrested for walking out of your house in some parts of the city. The federal investigation identified systematic racism, rampant constitutional violations, lack of training, quotas, excessive force and lack of accountability. And now the latest problem where BPD have been performing overhead surveillance of the city without warrant, without approval of city leaders, and funded by private dollars. Are there no limits to the abuses and overreach of this department? BPD needs to be disbanded immediately and replaced. one proposal I saw was ti immediately fire senior and middle police leadership. Secondarily, fire every officer with more than 2 excessive force violations. The remaining officers would get an immediate raise, with new leadership and direction. Thirdly, renegotiate union contracts to have the city retain exclusive control of hiring, firing, accountability and punishment of officers. union rules often prevent accountability not only in Baltimore, but departments across the country. Baltimore deserves and needs good constitutional policing.

    • Elizabeth Lewis

      really you are mind blowingly stupid. This is you “no more cops” riots looting ect ect … cops back off try to give you what you want… crime in your neighborhoods hit a 20 year high…. you STILL don’t want cops you want to police yourselves …. well if you really wanted that then you would show the world you are able to do that … it’s called a citizen’s arrest and has been around for 200+ years …. I’m all for giving you reparations. A plane ticket and 6 months worth of living money to go back to Africa … you have declared yourself NOT an American but a descendent of Africa forced to live in this horrible country …. please leave the US avg IQ will jump 10 points

      • ahaz

        Racist loser. You should take your advice and leave the avg IQ would triple.

        • Elizabeth Lewis

          There is nothing funnier than a liberal rebuttal. So clever…. you cannot explain your actions, thoughts or reasoning so you fall back to racist, which is the new definition and not the true definition …. I don’t leave because I am an AMERICAN … I identify as such and believe this is an incredible country full of possibility IF YOU APPLY YOURSELF. Even if that evil biotch Hillary wins I’m no snowflakes threatening to leave like you LSD babies raised by Grandma because your mama was too f**ed up and your daddy is a maybe

          • Michael Cowan

            Nothing funnier than a supposed conservative defending public workers who have unions that prevent them from being punished.

            You are fine with the police when you are told the narrative is, they kill black thugs. But how do you feel about Levoy? How do you feel about the rancher that was gunned down for simply carrying a rifle on his property? How do you feel about cops being able to make anyone a felony with a false charge of resisting arrest and taking their guns?

            We don’t need low IQ, poorly trained, cowardly government agents. We need highly trained, private security, run by companies that have competition to produce a high quality service at a low cost.

            Free market. Not unions and public workers who can’t be fired for incompetence.

          • Elizabeth Lewis

            There is actually nothing funnier than a 30 year old guy living in their parents back pocket. You look about 30 which makes you part of the last 3 generations that are a complete evolutionary mistake and almost completely useless. You are the 1st person to go crying to the cops for help and the 1st to stand up and criticize without one clue yourself how to solve a problem. I’m not conservative or liberal. BOTH agendas are insane and cannot work. I’m about what’s right, what’s the truth and how do you get to where you want to be. I’m about people taking responsibility and your whole generation has not one damm clue what that means. Levoy stepped out of that truck with a loaded gun and got shot just as he should have been. Michael Brown is dead gone and not missed because he attacked a cop. You know who had to step up and take responsibility to save our cities from the dregs of humanity? COPS … I’ll be the 1st to say cops need better and longer training from police around the world that do the same jobs but without guns. They need better training to evaluate situations quickly and CLEARLY. They need streamlined nationwide guidelines that don’t vary city to county to state to federal crapola. They also need to make sure freaked out mental cases like Loehmann NEVER EVER become cops. THE MAN CRIED DURING HIS CITY OF INDEPENDENCE EVAL = FAIL…. But only IDIOTS think private security is a win. I’m sorry what universe have you been living in that you don’t know how F’ed up private run prisons are? Oh that’s right you live in the fairy tail LSD induced liberal circus/zoos where you can’t actually think for yourself.

          • ahaz

            Get off the mountain much? Based upon your responses, looks like the inbreeding there has gone a little too far.

      • Michael Cowan

        The problem is you are a lazy government employee who is overpaid and protected through unions from any fallout from not doing your job. You are everything that is wrong with Government Employees, Unions and protected jobs.

        I am sorry that you are too stupid to figure out how to do basic police work with out violating the constitution and civil rights. The only tactic you understand is violence and abuse. Its time to disband government police forces and go with private security.

        Let the free market solve problems that lazy government workers are too stupid or cowardly to address.

        No more unions, no more protections from prosecutions. Lets get security forces in here that are properly trained and that make a profit from GOOD SERVICE, not corrupt contracts, political deals etc.

        The time of the armed government agent is over. No more free ride officers .. do your job or you are fired.

        • Mandy Tripping

          You’re an angry, little-man who so obviously knows very little about policing. I’m
          sure you’re on all the sports pages criticizing athletes without ever having played the game. If you have such a huge issue why don’t you take the police test and show everyone how it’s done? You offer no solutions except calling people names and lamenting about big government. In looking at all your comments it’s clearly obvious you have some issues. I don’t know if some police officer arrested or emasculated you at one point but you need to find some other way to empower yourself besides social justice from your keyboard.

          • Michael Cowan

            I have solutions.

            Cut the police force by 50%
            Spend the savings on treatment
            Legalize Drugs (like decent countries)
            Cops who break the law should serve jail time, those who cover should server time as well.
            Stop aggressive policing, get cops off the streets and in departments waiting for a violent crime in progress.
            Better training
            Get rid of unions
            Privatize Security so you provide a good service instead of rouge policing.

            Also .. Interesting choice to spam my info to other cops. I wonder if they have ever abused the DAVID system to look up personal information of citizens .. quite the illegal abuse of power and easy for me to request those records (which I will do next week)

          • Mandy Tripping

            Not everyone here is a cop (like yourself) and public shaming is not illegal. I also saw all of your likes which happen to include a ton of females exibitionists, scantily clad cosplay females, female MMA fighters in skimpy outfits and a ton of other creepy pages.

          • Michael Cowan

            LOL. You have taken 15 years of random likes and draw conclusions? Great detective work. I have stripper friends from before I was married. Some of those friends joined Cosplay Deviants, I liked their pages! Oh my!

            I am friends with a female MMA fighter and I liked the pages of her friends .. Oh MY!

            I am a 41 year old white dude who lives in VERY liberal portland oregon. You will find a lot of interesting stuff on my facebook page. From funny cop vines, to film the police sites, to Conservative and progressive media.

            Unlike many of my conservative anti-Obama southern friends .. I actually read and follow BOTH sides of the issues.

            My anger at police comes from being Informed. From reading policeone to copblock. From watching the videos (pro and anti police) from checking out NRA and BLM sites and making contacts everywhere.

            What really switched me from pro to anti cop are the posts from cops and their supporters. Such arrogance, such disdain for Americas. Such glee at the murder of Americans. Its fun, its exciting and there is such little risk.

            You are either law enforcement or married to one. I see that same disdain for life. Thats what I hate.

          • Mandy Tripping

            Are you still objectifying women and patronizing your old stripper friends?

          • Mandy Tripping

            Your suggestions are naive at best and frankly sound ……stupid?

            Please check to see who’s looking up your name. I strongly encourage you to do so as I’m not law enforcement. Public ridicule is not a crime but if you think the law has been broken, in some form or another, maybe you should call the police. 😉

          • Michael Cowan

            I see what you did there!

            I never said we don’t need police. Police are required in a civilized society.

            I just happen to disagree that they have the right act aggressively, escalate situations, beat, murder and steal without repercussions.

            I think we would agree that if an off-duty cop walked up to a random person on the street and shot him in the back of the head, on camera, that he should go to jail.

            Where we disagree is that if the cop puts on a uniform, then gets a 911 call about a kid with a gun in the park, drives up on the kid at 40 mph, jumps out of the car before its has even stopped and then guns that kid down without any chance to respond only to find out its just a toy gun.

            You would say thats the price of freedom. You would say any officer, no matter how poorly trained or scared, can decide to kill a kid playing in a park with a toy gun. Worse, that same officer can make his own decision when to kill that kid based on what he looks like and where he lives.

            Yes being a cop is dangerous .. but cops make it dangerous for themselves. Cops make the decision to rush in guns blazing. Cops work for a stupid job that sends them out to write tickets, alone, late at night to make extra money.

            Something has to change. You can’t farm Americans for extra taxes, you can’t put millions in prisons, it will blow up.

            I like my life. Like I said I’m a white middle class dude, I don’t want hordes of angry black lives matters people rampaging in my city. Especially when I see their point. Its evil what police do, its pure evil how they don’t stand up to condem obvious abuses.

          • Michael Cowan

            You are not a cop, how do you know so much. You are the flip side. On your keyboard mocking the dead victims of cops, calling them thugs, denigrating tens of millions of people.

            At least I push my anger towards cops, LIVING cops, who have the ability to make the system better.

            You mock the dead victims and their families. You have no solution other than to suck it up, swallow your pride, allow yourself to be targeted and abused.

            Even with COUNTLESS stories of police abuse, lies, racism and entire departments being shut down .. you refuse to believe there is any possibility that people who get stopped more than once a week have any valid concerns.

            Anyway .. you and I are so far apart. I see you as a person that supports massive government overreach, the violation of the constitution and a grave threat to real american freedoms. You see me as a whiny bitch, likely on drugs, who has no idea what it takes to keep America safe.

            IF America was a decent country, we could find representatives for both our views and vote. But we are a shitty country where votes are bought and real issues are not addressed. So we fight on message boards.. SMH

            Come to Film the Police page .. watch some videos and post your thoughts there. Then see how you are treated

          • Mandy Tripping

            Cool your jets big boy, I never mocked anyone dead or alive except you for being a creepy troll. And your post on the story of the dead officer of cops not being heroes left nothing to the imagination as to where your hatred lies. Everyone is against bad cops but you publicly hate on all of them.
            Lesson: Black communities came begging for help in helping with the gang violence and murders. Bill Clinton got bashed recently for his ” Super Predator” crime bill. Police target young, black males for guns and drugs to stop and contain gang violence. Police have lost the inner cities to gangs and we’re watching the murder rates rise. Your solution is to cut police numbers, legalize drugs and have them wait for a violent crime to happen……More protein, less carbs and exercise will help with your diabetes.

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