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Association Tells Neighborhood To Remove Law Enforcement Flags

Association Tells Neighborhood To Remove Law Enforcement Flags

They are silent statements of support.

Outside some homes in the north Fort Worth neighborhood of Seventeen Lakes, flags fly to honor law enforcement.

Dave Bucklin says he’s flown one on and off since February. But the flapping flags up and down these streets now appear to have created a flap.

According to Homeowner’s Association guidelines provided to News 8 by neighbors, the HOA only allows three types of flags to be flown: the Texas flag, military flags and an American flag.

This spring, neighbors say more people started flying the “back the blue” flag in honor of injured Fort Worth officer Matt Pearce.

And they say the HOA noticed.

“We had one neighbor get cited in the neighborhood,” Bucklin says.

Marvin Faulkenburry was that neighbor.

“I got a letter of non-compliance,” Faulkenburry says.

“I was given 30 days to get it down or face $100 a day fine until I did take it down.”

Others say they received citations, too. Faulkenburry complied, and put a traditional American flag up instead– simply because he didn’t want to pay the fine.

Permission to fly the flag was asked for and denied.

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  1. Unity Nowe

    I don’t even know what the reason for posting this is. Is this another attempt to validate your claim that there is a “war on police” ? Home owner’s associations do have rules and policies. If they allowed some people to fly your abomination of the U.S. flag, then they would have to allow others to fly a flag representing those who want the police to be held accountable for their criminal behavior. And then you would whine and cry about that . If you don’t want to have rules, don’t move to place where there is a home owner’s association. Or maybe Beyonce will write a song and give you something to cry about.

    • kenneth wise

      You sound angry,do you show this same anger whenever a officer is killed or do you celebrate ?

      • Unity Nowe

        I “sound” angry? How did you pick up sound in a typed comment? It seems your imagination is running wild . 🙂

        • kenneth wise

          No sir/Ma’am just waiting for you to answer the question. Do you get this upset to those who defecate, burn or stomp on the American flag? And if the that person is flying a flag on their property…..So what?

          • Unity Nowe

            Again, you seem to believe I am angry or upset, when in fact, I find the entire thing humorous. When the police whine and cry about a home owner’s association enforcing their rules, it’s nothing but funny, since the police get their money from enforcing rules and oppressing others. But if you are a person who gets angry or upset when others defecate, burn or stomp the U.S. flag, but love what the police have done to it here, you are a hypocrite .
            They moved into an area where there is a home owners association which has rules . If they want to be able to fly their gang colors, no one is stopping them from selling and moving to a place where there is no home owners association.

          • kenneth wise

            Should not have to move…It’s their home period. My statement stands as do your. We will agree to disagree.

          • Unity Nowe

            It’s their home and they live under the home owner’s associations rules. They knew the rules when they decided to buy, no matter what your “statement” does. 🙂

          • kenneth wise

            It Stands, Like I stated earlier! So, we can call this a day on the topic!

          • Unity Nowe

            You do realize that you are the one replying to my comment and not the other way around. You could have called it a day before you ever started. But since you did start, all you have to do is stop replying The homeowner’s association rules stand .

          • kenneth wise

            So does my statement, you’re also under no obligation to respond to my comments.

          • Unity Nowe

            You are the one continuing to engage, even after you stated you wanted to call it a day. Your feelings, opinions and statement do not matter. You can cry all day, and the result will be the same. They took down their flag. Homeowner’s association 1 , thin blue line, 0

          • kenneth wise

            Spoken like a true hater not surprised

          • Unity Nowe

            Do you make up thinks on your reports like you do in your social media comments and replies? First I was “angry” now, out of the blue, I’m a “hater”. You also seem to have a habit of replying to other people’s comments and then suggesting that they shut up and just agree to disagree and stop commenting on their own post. Are you in your patrol car, playing on the computer as we type? I wouldn’t be surprised? Please don’t kill anyone while being distracted with your technology.

  2. Hard Corps

    Since when is proper to change the color of the flag? If you want to hang a streamer from it, that’s fine. But that altered flag doesn’t belong hanging anywhere.

  3. Kaz Welker

    Those, HOA people can kiss my ASS…….

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