Agency Facing Backlash Over Viral Picture

Agency Facing Backlash Over Viral Picture

The Birmingham Police Department is facing backlash over a picture that went viral on social media.

The picture shows Birmingham police officer Michelle Burton holding a baby whose parents had just overdosed. The father died and the mother is still in the hospital. Officer Burton ended up staying with the baby and her three siblings for more than six hours following the incident.

Burton’s husband posted the picture on social media last week praising his wife.

However, family members of the baby shown in the picture were not happy.

Mary Purnell Adalane, the aunt of the baby in the picture, spoke out at the Birmingham City Council meeting Tuesday. She said she and other family members felt like the baby, who’s just shy of two months old, was “exploited.”

“This child has a right and it’s been violated. This police officer exploited this child,” Adalane said. “No one gave them permission to take that picture.”

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  1. Count_Iblis

    I see the whole family are POS. That kid doesn’t have a chance. And you don’t need permission to take anyone’s photo. Only if you are going to profit financially off it.

  2. Jane Russell

    Auntie isn’t concerned about the child having been NEGLECTED???? Hmmm….I smell a rat.

  3. robin peppin

    the babies parents are loser druggies, but she chastises a concerned caring police officer who gave her time & compassion for her little niece, who probably never got that from her own parents, for SIX hours, & the photo showing it. it’s ok to show blacks being treated badly by white cops all over the internet, but don’t show a white person giving something priceless & positive to a black infant?

  4. Allan Stark

    It seems the aunt is now intent on “exploiting” the child.

    • Count_Iblis

      Or looking for some more free taxpayer loot from a lawsuit.

  5. bobwalton

    The child’s rights were violated when she got “parents” who loved drugs more than her and relatives who didn’t give a damn.

  6. Monk Keys

    She did good. The baby is fine, no one was exploited. Just a picture of an officer doing something good and going above and beyond. Haters need to STFU

  7. stop crying

    It’s only because they hate the Police.

  8. CarolinaCries

    That tiny infant won’t be recognizable in a few weeks. At that age they grow so fast and change dramatically. I think this aunt is just pissed because it shows a white police officer showing love and compassion for a black child. Where did she think the permission was going to come from? The dead father or the passed out OD’d mother who left their children to fend for themselves while they overdosed. She’s probably a card carrying BLM member and can’t stand the fact that the police are shown in a compassionate light. STFU and take care of your nieces and nephews if you care so much! This officer stayed with HER niece and 3 other children related to her for over 6 hours. Where was the family concern then?

  9. Rich Bawol

    Get real. Where were you when your Niece needed caring for. Probably laid up somewhere high on drugs. No one exploited this child. I want to see which one of you will step up to the plate if the Mother dies and the girl needs family to take her in. I’m sure if the State is willing to pay you, you’d be glad to do it b/c it means more money and more money means more drugs!

  10. michael

    Horse Feces. Aunty should be more concerned about where the parents got the drugs that killed them. After all, after listening to her comments, she may be next.

  11. Nail_31

    Maybe the so called aunt should have been more concerned about the druggie parents that put this child’s life at risk daily. I have grown to loath the butt hurt losers of these United States. Get a job and take care of yourselves and quit blaming everyone else (especially white folks) for your failures and pathetic excuses for a life. You want respect? Have some for yourselves and earn mine. This also applies to immigrants that mooch off our tax dollars and cause hate and discontent. No, I am not racist, I am just growing to hate all losers. That is a beautiful woman, holding a precious child.

    • Fvsmith

      Here here!
      Where is her concern for the baby’s health and future well being?

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