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Cleveland Police Union President: City is Setting Cops Up to Fail During the RNC

Cleveland Police Union President: City is Setting Cops Up to Fail During the RNC

Steve Loomis has been saying it for months now and he’s going to keep on saying it: The city of Cleveland, despite public reassurances by the safety department, mayor, the Secret Service and the chief of police, is behind schedule in getting Cleveland cops ready for the Republican National Convention. That includes, Loomis has said, timely acquisition of equipment, ill-fitting riot gear, unclear operational guidelines, training and more.

There’s no question that the RNC poses a logistical and security problem the city and its police men and women have never faced, and that recent history in the department has led many to worry about the ability of Cleveland cops to maintain peace and order during the historic event. And there’s little question that the arrival of Trump’s GOP coronation will likely bring with it tens of thousands of protestors from all ends of the political spectrum. And the idea that the city itself has been slow — both in general perception and compared to Philadelphia, which is hosting the Democratic National Convention, and voiced not just by the media but by members of city council — to address concerns and announce regulations regarding issues such as parade routes and protest permit applications has long been part of the narrative in the host city’s buildup to the main event.

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