Chief Refuses To Fire Officer In Sterling Shooting Despite Mayor Demands

Chief Refuses To Fire Officer In Sterling Shooting Despite Mayor Demands

Baton Rouge Mayor Sharon Weston Broome and activists have called on Police Chief Carl Dabadie to fire Officer Blane Salamoni, who fatally shot 37-year-old Alton Sterling during a struggle outside a convenience store on July 5, 2016.

It is a typical play out of a playbook that cares nothing about due process, the law and what is right.

The Department of Justice have declined to file charges which makes charges from the State highly unlikely so the next step for the so called “social justice warriors,” FIRE HIM.

We have seen it time and again and most recently in Tulsa (OK) when demands came to Fire Sgt. Dave Walker and this is exactly why the principles taught in Courageous Leadership must be adhered to.

In this case, Chief Dabadie stood tall by simply telling the mayor in a May 26th letter to  “let the criminal process conclude.”

Salamoni and a second officer who tried to subdue Sterling remain on paid administrative leave while Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry’s office investigates whether state charges are warranted.

Of course they aren’t.  A novice can look at Graham v. Connor and tell you that so we will wait and see whether there are any novice’s in Landry’s office.

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    He just Another NIGGER who’s life isn’t worth anything in this country anyway…Right

    • NoJusticeNoPeace1964

      Wrong, he was a Black Hero and Martyr. Alton Sterling is the Emmet Till of our times. To religious Black people, Alton Sterling is the Black Jesus. He died for our sins.

      Along with Michael Brown and Freddie Gray, Alton Sterling is the role model and inspiration for today’s Black youth. There should be monuments to Alton, in place of Confederate Monuments that are removed.

      Baltimore had the good sense to name a Youth Center after Freddie Gray. Surely Mayor Broome has the authority to name something for Alton Sterling. The State Capital Building would be perfect.

      • LegalBeagle

        I hope that’s sarcasm. None of them were worth a hoot as contributing members of society.

        • NoJusticeNoPeace1964

          Well, you have to admit, these Bucks are worth a whole lot more dead than alive. Who, other than BLM, could make heroes out of these deviant, criminal POSs?

          In a sardonic, crazy way, I give a lot of credit to BLM for how they have scammed some people into accepting these sub human pieces of garbage, as victims and heroes. It says a lot about Liberals, white guilt and society in general.

          I hope this gives you a clearer view of my feelings.

          • LegalBeagle

            Yeah, I thought it was.

      • Akela in Liberty

        Will there be free blunts and 40’s?

        • NoJusticeNoPeace1964

          At there Alton Sterling Monument it will be an allowed drug and pirated CD zone.

          While the drugs are not free, EBT cards will be accepted and there are reduced prices for POC.

    • LegalBeagle

      Putting aside your unfortunate N bomb, Mr. Sterling’s racial identity meant nothing. His behavior meant everything – he died acting like a violent criminal and earned the response from the officers.

      • NoJusticeNoPeace1964

        Sterling certainly received due process.

        • LegalBeagle

          He received all the process he was due, which is actually part of the analysis.


        Only white people think that way


        Only a white person would say this knowing a long it’s not true

    • Akela in Liberty

      OK. If you insist. In the meantime the rest of us have lives to pursue. YOU, on the other hand, may mourn this feral melanoid to your tiny liberal, sjw heart’s content.


        Hope your mother dies the same fate

        • Akela in Liberty

          My mother died a long time ago. Too bad yours ever gave birth. It was a woman wasn’t it?

          • HUNGRYFEEDME

            And you came out your mom’s ass probably is what killed her

  2. John Moravecek

    Good for the Chief

  3. Phillip Gordon

    Alton Sterling case.
    I have always been proadministration when it comes to personal matters with government employees. The mayor as the executive of the city has the right to fire any police officer including the chief at any time if she in her opinion that officer does not meet her standards.
    Government needs to run more like a business. Lean and efficient government takes responsibility for their own actions. The executive of the government such as the Mayor, Sheriff, County commissioner president, Governor has the absolute right to fire any law enforcement officer an any time including their chief law enforcement officer. The executive has the responsibility to make sure that government employees are held accountable for their actions. Civil service protection makes a mockery of government accountability promotes mediocrity and lazy government employees. Abolish civil service protections to promote government accountability with a lean and efficient government.

    • Kieran O'Hagan

      Really? You’re obviously not a cop, and if you are, I’m shocked. There are civil service protections for a reason. This mayor wants this cop fired for political reasons, solely for political reasons. When you have to make a snap decision like this cop made, you don’t need the pressure of the crap you’re spouting to compound things. As far as the mayor with her “standards,” police officers already have standards, hence why they are police officers. Your statement holds no water whatsoever, and thank God someone like you has no say in this.

      • LegalBeagle

        You have to wonder if his guardian knows he escaped from the institution, don’t you?

    • LegalBeagle

      You obviously don’t know a darned thing about the underlying philosophy of American political structure. Government is supposed to be ponderous and hard to change because that is a component of protecting the rights of the citizens. In this case, an unqualified dullard (the Mayor) wants to fire an officer for correctly performing a task about which she has no clue.

      As for running like a business, a a government civil lawyer, I have repeatedly experienced the difficulties of trying to address the ignorance of the people who come from the private sector, far too many of whom have no respect for the rule of law and what restrictions are put on them in the interest of protecting the integrity of government (such as money handling). I have advocated for prosecuting a few (not successfully, darn it) because of such conduct. This is consistent with the experiences I had in grad school, when the MBA students were allowed to infest our MPA classes. Lower intellectual and ethical standards, and no clue at all about public service. I’ve seen better culture in a petri dish. I gave our Dean a public dressing down for his own criminal conduct in part related to his own lack of respect for the rule of law. He was a criminal and should have been treated as such.

    • Capitol Guy

      Another poster who doesn’t understand or support the rule of law. The chief is probably an ‘at will’ employee who may be fired as stated. However, the officer is another story. To understand why civil service rights exist, Phillip Gordon needs to go back and review high school civics. Don’t post when when you’re uninformed.

  4. Dee Folds

    Way to go. They should give the Officers a medal for ridding the street of garbage.

    • NoJusticeNoPeace1964

      Wrong, Alton Sterling is the MLK of today. Last Century MLK was sent by God to help Black people. In this new millennium, Alton Sterling has been sent by God to help Black people

      It took a long time to get a holiday for MLk. Now we need an Alton Sterling Day. Alton represented everything that is good and pure in Black people. He is the role model for all Black children, and is to be emulated. Alton Sterling was slain for our sins, and he is the Black Jesus. One day he shall arise at the the Triple S Food Mart. We are awaiting that glorious day.

  5. Devo

    Fired? This guy should be given a medal from ridding the world of that parasitic POS. That scum bag had a record a mile long. Plus it’s obvious to any sane person that he was resisting arrest and reaching for the gun that oh by the way was completely illegal since he was a felon (several times over and pedophile.) I’m just lost why those lunatic BLM goons were up in arms over a piece of trash like this cat. Oh wait they love playing the race card and constant game of being victims to anything and everything.


      He just another NIGGER..right

      • Devo

        Hahaha you just made my last point in my statement above. Thanks

      • NoJusticeNoPeace1964

        Wrong, Alton Sterling is the MLK of our times. In the 1960s MLK was sent by God to help Black people. In this new millennium, Alton Sterling was sent by God to help Black people

        It took many years to approve a holiday for MLk. There should now be an Alton Sterling National Holiday. Alton represented everything that is good and pure in Black people.I believe Alton Sterling was slain for our sins. One day he may arise at the site of the Triple S Food Mart. We await that glorious day.

      • LegalBeagle

        No, he was just another violent criminal, a status unrelated to pigment or racial identity.


          The police who killed him we’re the real criminals


          And you k ow that’s not true.. wouldn’t have happened to a white man

          • LegalBeagle

            If you were right, that would be wrong. However, from what we know about use of force incidents (which is not enough) pigment is the least important variable, and the people shot by cops are very similar.

          • HUNGRYFEEDME

            It’s is the variable and has been in this country

      • Katrina

        I believe if you shed yourself of that chip on your shoulder, you could better understand the difference between a nigger and a criminal. Criminals come in all colors and ethnicities. Alton was a criminal. Nigger is an outdated and derogatory term for people of color, most of whom are upstanding, responsible citizens.


          Their is no difference in America

      • Akela in Liberty

        Oooh. I sense hostility. I’ll bet your boyfriend ran off with a cop, huh?


          No the truth is the truth about you white racist and murderers

  6. Samuel Fivey

    Hmmm, procedural justice at its finest?
    Very good to see a Chief do this.

  7. LegalBeagle

    Wow. An executive level officer who ISN’T a microcephalic invertebrate gelding. Amazing. Good for him.

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