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Chicago Police Union: ‘We Have An Orlando Every Month’

Chicago Police Union:  ‘We Have An Orlando Every Month’

“We have an Orlando every month in Chicago, but catch a policeman hitting someone on video — oh, my God!”

That statement came from the Chicago Police Union President Dean Angelo Sr. in a speech Tuesday to the City Club of Chicago,

The Chicago police union president decried an unprecedented “level of disrespect” faced by officers on the street and called for more vocal public support of police, saying, “There’s a deafening silence out there right now.”

He complained that officers’ hands are being tied by “anti-police correctness” and warned that as a byproduct Chicago is headed back to the days of 900 homicides a year.

Citing a national report, the Fraternal Order of Police president said attacks on police are on the rise, but he complained that the news media play videos of incidents involving officers “as if it’s a Super Bowl-winning touchdown.”

“It’s played over and over and over again until it’s embedded in the audience’s mind,” Angelo, whose union represents the department’s 12,000 rank-and-file officers, told several hundred civil leaders at the luncheon gathering.

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