Charlotte Police Chief Will Not Release Video Of Shooting

A day after North Carolina’s governor declared a state of emergency amid violent protests following the police killing of a black man, Charlotte’s police chief said Thursday the agency will not publicly release video footage of Keith Lamont Scott’s death.

A black officer from the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department killed Scott, 43, on Tuesday outside an apartment complex while serving a warrant on somebody else. The officer, who has been placed on administrative leave, said Scott had a handgun as he got out of a vehicle and did not follow orders to drop it. Friends and family members maintain Scott was carrying a book—an assertion flatly denied by Kerr Putney, the police chief. At a press conference, he said the authorities retrieved a handgun Scott “was holding in his hand when he got out of the vehicle.”

Putney told the news conference that he’ll only show the footage to the victim’s family, not the public.

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  1. kennyb the unassuming Blk/Male

    I have not read much about the family bitchin since they saw the vid. Even their lawyer was “dancing ” when asked what he saw on the vid. He said he did not see a gun but in the still photo a gun was clearly seen. So, after the cops planted the gun the also planted the ankle holster on him. Man, my brothers in blue are thinking fast these days!!

  2. ahaz

    Huge mistake. Instances like these, it’s always better to release the video. As a result of his decision, riots and protests continued for days, because the community doesn’t trust their police. The chief was saying the victim had a gun, show me evidence of it. Instead, you say the video of the victim’s relative in anguish claiming the police shot her father for holding a book. What image is going to incite?

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