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To The Mayor Of Boston: ‘It’s Time’

To The Mayor Of Boston:  ‘It’s Time’

In August, Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh was presented with a letter from union leadership asking that Boston Police Officers be provided with rifles, ballistic helmets and plates for their ballistic vests.

At the time, Mayor Walsh said he was  “taken aback” by the letter and that he didn’t think the letter spoke for every officer in the city.

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I can’t imagine any police officer in this country that wouldn’t want these basic items that virtually any adversary could obtain themselves.

If the Mayor flat out rejected these requests two months ago, I wonder what he thinks today after 11 police officers were injured and two critically shot.  The suspect was armed with a handgun, long gun and ballistic vest.

The letter that Mayor Walsh rejected said that the Boston Police was being “outgunned and undermanned.”  It appears they were last night.

So Mayor, it’s time.

You can either continue to listen to activists such as Darnell Williams that boldly claimed when the letter was written that “we want to make sure that we are not shifting the focus on community policing to military-style policing” or you will make sure the next time your officers face a threat that they will be ready with all of the equipment needed.

If Mr. Williams was walking down the street last night when that coward began shooting, I’m thinking he would want all of the so called “military” equipment needed to stop the threat.

Mayor, it’s time.

It’s time to show the citizens of Boston where you allegiance lies.  With the safety of all citizens or with the politically correct banter of just a few that continue to prevent law enforcement from having the necessary tools possible to do their job.



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Travis Yates is a writer and editor at Law Officer. An ILEETA Trainer of the Year, his Seminars in Risk Management & Officer Safety have been taught across the United States & Canada. Major Yates has a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy. He is the Director of Training for SAFETAC Training ( and the Founder of the Courageous Leadership Institute (, providing leadership consulting and training to law enforcement around the world.


  1. John W. O'Brien III

    “Weapons of war don’t belong on our streets.” Cops want to play Army? Join the Army.

    • Law Officer

      Just so we are clear. You believe that legal weapons, that citizens own, should not be utilized by law enforcement?

      • John W. O'Brien III

        Citizens cannot own M4s and they have to be rich, and specially licensed to own M16s.
        Also, AR15s are banned in MA, so, few citizens can own them as well.

        Nor can i own an MRAP or a grenade launcher. It was fun watching the army…. sorry…. i mean the “police” rolling through the streets of boston a few years back.

        Thank you for trying though, A for effort!

        • Law Officer

          We didn’t know you were grading us but we advocate that law enforcement carry what is legal for citizens to carry and we are thankful that MA does not speak for the rest of the country on the issue of guns. And in regards to Boston, who wouid you like the citizens to call the next time there is a terrorist attack?

  2. Katrina

    ” Mayor Walsh said he was “taken aback” by the letter and that HE DIDN’T THINK the letter spoke for every officer in the city.” It sounds like Mayor Walsh can’t think. period. I am shocked that any department doesn’t already have this equipment for all officers. How many of his officers need to be killed or injured before he pulls his head out of that black hole and into the sunshine?
    I pray for a speedy and complete recovery for Officers Cintolo and Morris, and wisdom for the city leaders to equip the department adequately so this never happens again.

  3. Fire_and_Steel

    “If Mr. Williams was walking down the street last night when that coward began shooting, I’m thinking he would want all of the so-called ‘military’ equipment needed to stop the threat.” Williams would be nowhere to be found, or maybe quaking in a corner. He wouldn’t run toward the sound of gunfire, the way cops do.
    People who promote the “no militarization of police” garbage do that because they don’t have to do the job, and therefore have no clue how difficult it can be. Unfortunately, that level of ignorance includes many of our elected officials.

  4. Rich Bawol

    What a piece of garbage. Next time the Police get called to a Domestic Violence Case, let him be the front man without that gear. Bye Mr Mayor A-hole!

  5. Thomas Lee Mullins

    How can the police protect others if they cannot even protect themselves. I think they should be able to at least get the vests.

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