Austin Police Chief: Broken Police “Is The Biggest Lie On The Planet”

Austin (TX) Police Chief Art Acevedo addresses the false narratives that are being spread about law enforcement.  He holds nothing back in this interview stating that  “today’s police officers are the best generation of police officers that we have ever had.”

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  1. Concerned Dad

    Austin police is in total shambles. Art’s cops are constantly being caught doing something wrong. “We can’t undo rape”. “Black people look violent”….. On and on.

    They keep arresting the same activist over and over. Everytime the activist goes to court he wins – he will not take a deal. You have to tell them the statute just to get them to id themselves.

    This chief is crazy if he thinks he has the best.

  2. Robert Travis

    Absolutely and Amen! Today’s Officer has to be all things to all people in all situations and any mistake is pounced on by would be detractors. The indise of a patrol car looks and is equipped more like a helicopter these days, the level of skill and mental acuity to simply navigate in Austin traffic is remarkable. Aside from the generational inherent rigors of the job, nowadays they have to endure vile ,vulgar ,taunts from various hate groups such as PSP and BLM all the while maintaining their composure, not reacting , and carrying on with their duties. They are faster, smarter, and more sophisticated than any generation before them. God bless them and keep them safe,

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